Tuesday, 3 April 2012

#cyblessings 3rd April 2012

Almost half of all children aged 5-14 in Cambodia have to work.

This has really shocked me today as I have Rachel and two of her friends round to play. They are 6 and 7, they don't have a care in the world and their biggest complaint is boredom and maths. How lucky they are, how right it is that they don't have worries and that we value their education and childish above everything else. We never question the free education our kids have a right to have, we should remember this when we fight for the "best" school places.

Christian Aid are asking us to give 20p if you started work when you were over the age of 16.. I hate to be pedantic about it but I was actually 13; most of my friends had paper rounds and then Saturday jobs as soon as we could. But this was for our own spending money and independence, not to sustain ourselves or feed our families which I'm sure is the real question. So yes, I'll donate 20p.

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