Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Christmas cake

Started in the autumn
Regularly steeped with rum
Christmas cake's an institution
I learnt from my mum

As a child I didn't like all
The cherries and the rind
But now I appreciate both
I'd never leave them behind

Covered in a layer of marzipan
Nice and thick is great
Before smothering in pure white icing
Looks like heaven on a plate

Mum always made a snow scene
With trees and holly leaves
I prefer the nativity tableau
Perfect for Christmas eve


This poem was written for the Christmas food prompt by Mary at poetry jam.  It recalls Christmas cakes that I remember through my life.  The photo is of the nativity cake I've made for this year.

As for a recipe for a Christmas cake, for me it has to be Delia; no one else is quite right.  Here is Delias classic Christmas cake recipe


Brian Miller said...

so very cool on the decorating is it like fruit cake....the adding of the rum and stuff sounds like what my father in law makes but never decorated it like that...we had a cool ceramic nativity that sat on the piano at home...they were so cool to look at

Mary said...

I enjoyed this very much, Emma... I enjoy reading about recipes that are traditional within families. I went to take a look at the recipe as well. Wonderful ingredients! Doesn't seem like a lot of work to make, with the exception of calling for a lot of 'stuff.'

Daydreamertoo said...

I really enjoyed this. When I first moved to Canada, no-one here had ever heard of marzipan, didn't have a clue what I was talking
They don't eat Christmas cake here that much either, or Christmas pudding. They make mince pies but, nowhere near as
Loved this. Your cake sounds delicious and yes, I agree, I used to never like the rind but, as I grew older, I realised it's just not the same without it.
Great post Emma :)

Peggy said...

This is a beautiful cake. I am really enjoying seeing what people write about traditional holiday foods. Happy eating!

kaykuala said...

Christmas cakes and puddings sound interestingly familiar. And these are sweet preparations.We have other types of which are savory in offerings. Nicely Emma!


my heart's love songs said...

for all the jokes that go around this country about "fruitcake" i love it! i've never had one with almonds.

Happy Holidays!

thanks for joining in at Poetry Jam!