Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Through star slicks

Atop the wheel
It feels as if
You could touch
The milky way

Glassy rain drops
Provide the foreground
Through which wonders
Are unfolded

No itch to move
No blast of insight
Imagination rushes
Through star slicks

I stop
I listen
I sigh
I imagine

The sky
Anything tragic

Nothing left
Just visibility
Of truth


This poem read written for the Sunday Whirl #87 which asks us to write something to incorporate all of these words: top, milky, glassy, unfolded, itch, blast, rushes, slicks, listen, sigh, lighten, tragic, visibility.

The photo I chose to write about is one I took on Brighton on Saturday night; it's off the Brighton wheel and the pier.


Anonymous said...

I adore the first stanza, it's so evocative. well done

Anonymous said...

visibility of truth, life and love - absolutely perfect.