Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Kitten on the loose

It's begun!!
Kitten on the loose

He's up the curtains
Right to the top
He's no idea how to get down
But he's not going to stop

Kitten on the loose

He's attacking the sofa
Scratching it all
Often looses balance
Doesn't care if he falls

Kitten on the loose

He's climbed the Christmas tree
Chewed on the lights
It'll be a miracle if
He's not electrocuted tonight

Kitten on the loose

When you come to visit
Mind how you walk
Tommy s around
He'll pounce while you talk


Amy+ said...


HouseTalkN Rossow said...

That is hilarious! Our kittens used to climb everything- including us! Thanks for joining Finding the Funny!