Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Don't be scared for the church

The media tells us the church is on the edge of existence, falling numbers may add to that fear, as may the constant debates and fractures within the institution.

We must have faith
We must not be scared for the church

If we are anxious about the church then our image of God is too small.  If we think we can't be available for everyone then our image of God is too small.

The image and scale of God is what we carry and we need to make sure we carry Him in his infinite goodness.

God is immense.
His support of us is immense.
Therefore the church had immense resources which we need to be confident about.
Those resources are ourselves!

We need to keep telling ourselves mantra of positivity about the church:
"The church will not let the country down, we will not let our communities down, we will carry on carrying on engaging people with the reality of Jesus."

God is the God of all creation.
He's massive.
God is love.
Love never ends and nor does God.

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