Saturday, 30 May 2015

Pentecost at St Nicolas Earley

This Pentecost the Everyone Together Service at St Nicolas Earley was led by the Children's and Young People's Team.

There were three key elements to the service:

Receive - Change - Share

The Focus team (age 9-13) played the Brick Testament Clip about Pentecost and acted out the receiving of the Holy Spirit and how it would have felt for the disciples.

The Focus Plus team (age 14-18) shared a testimony of the movement of the Holy Spirit and how it changed on of their lives.  They also led the intercessions, handing out flames and asking people to write their prayers on the flames before bringing them to the front to build an image of a huge flame of the Holy Spirit.

The God Squad team (age 4-9) then shared a clip from UP and thought about how we can share the Holy Spirit with others before asking everyone to write on a Dove something they will share about their faith with someone else.  These are now up in church as an installation of our mission to share our faith.

It was a wonderful service which loads of people said moved and inspired them.

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