Saturday, 30 May 2015

Tangled Moods #art #poetry #mentalhealth @CharitySANE

Tangled Moods
by Emma Major exhibited and auctioned at NeuroArtworks at UCL

"Since my bipolar diagnosis I have railed against, analysed, and started the process of acceptance. This Zentangle (a form of art therapy) captures my complex experiences of living with bipolar disorder; it speaks of my moods, my fears, my creativity, and my life in all its fullness. When accompanied by the following poem, it also expresses how I feel living with bipolar disorder in society.

Bubble wrap
Protecting all I am
From all that might scare
In the dark before the dawn

Bubble wrap
Shutting myself away
Not letting many get too close
My mind is not a game to play.

The process of producing this piece of art and accompanying poem has been therapeutic; a gift for my mental health. Now, as I look at the outcome, I can see my emotions alive in all their variations, something to be celebrated and harnessed rather than controlled and hidden."

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