A to Z of MS

Through every day
Of April 2016
I'll pen a poem
About MS
I'm doing this
Both as a challenge
But more than that
For the MS Trust
So if you like
What I am writing
Then please could you
Consider donating
Every pound 
Given to the trust
Will make a difference
To families like us

Poems and Facts:
A for Aphasia (1st April 2016)
B for Bladder Problems (2nd April 2016)
C for Cognition (4th April 2016)
D for Demyelination (5th April 2016)
E for Emotional Lability (6th April 2016)
F for Fatigue (7th April 2016)
G for Glands (8th April 2016)
H for Heat Sensitivity  (9th April 2016)
I for Invisible
J for Jumping Muscles
K for Killer Pain
L for Lesion
M for MRI
N for Neurologist
O for Optic Neuritis
P for Psychology
Q for Questions
R for Relax
S for Swallowing
T for Tremors
U for UTI
V for Vitamin D
W for Wheelchair
X for xxx
Y for Yoga
Z for zzzzz

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