Saturday, 23 May 2009

Ascension Day

Finally I have got onto my laptop and here is the post I wrote on Ascension Day.....

Ascension day

Today we as a church remember Jesus ascending to heaven, his risen form ascended to heaven leaving the disciples waiting, confused. They were told to wait in the city for, as we now know the coming of the Holy Spirit, but they had no idea why they had to wait or what for.

This has so many lessons for us; about waiting, obedience, patience, faith.

Would we wait without any knowledge of what we were waiting for?

Would we blindly obey even the most charismatic, holy leader?

Would we have the patience to trust that something would happen?

Would we have strength of faith to keep believing for 10 whole days?

Would I? I like to think do but if I honestly look inside myself I am not entirely sure I could. Or more truthfully, of course I Could but I doubt I Would.

Sure I would wait a bit but then I would let life butt in and I would get on with the normalcy of events whilst waiting. And I would start to question what I was waiting for, perhaps anticipating something fantastic and get overly excited, or perhaps decide it wouldn't be worth waiting for anyway.

Obeyance, well that's not my strong suit. I try, but then I get my head involved. I analyse everything and doubt and debate until I finally obey, or not.

"but if it was Jesus I'd be different" I hear myself say. Well I again hold up my hands, I don't know whether I would obey without question, I can't imagine it for all the wishing I could.

Patience, I point you in the direction of my blog articles on waiting for the results of the selection conference - enough said!

So to the strength of faith. Here I am drawn to the miscarriages and the years of the unknown path and pain. Somehow through that I kept faith in God and His plan as I lost all faith in myself and mother nature and science and medicine. So yes, I believe that I could retain faith and would.

The disciples were truly amazing men; the more I ponder and understand their journeys the more in awe I am. Could any of us truly say we could do the same?

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LLM Calling said...

I was tweeted this passage as reflection on my post and wanted to share; thanks E.

John 20:29
29Then Jesus told him, "Because you have seen me, you have believed; blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed."