Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Best laid plans

This morning was my time, to check over sermon, review essay, write in my journal about counselling course last night and perhaps even meditate. Wow, what luxury.

But best laid plans got changed, got to preschool and suddenly
"emmmmmaaaaa (like a child would moan) are you free?"
me: "not really (and the fatal hesitation)"
"it's just that we are running interviews and need someone who doesn't know the candidates and seeing as how you're becoming secretary tonight we thought .... (loaded hesitation)"
Me: "no one else available?"
"no, we forgot we needed to ask you"
Me: "ok but please give notice in the future!"

See the issue isn't that I can't do it, it's that I need notice so I can plan my life.

Of course this is not a rare occurrence and I know it's about me, I need firmer boundaries about what I am and am not willing to do. But that's something that takes time to set out with new people and that takes courage; I worry I'll be seen as less than!!

However I know I'll get better at it, and learn to tell people that I am busy when I have time scheduled for stuff that's about my emotional health and development. Or perhaps it's just me and that's why I am called the way I am

Things to ponder, any input welcomed


3 hours later - further thoughts

God moves in mysterious ways, I was meant to be there! Personnel unhappiness emerged and I was needed to calm, to contain, to appease and to help put back together.

So this makes it more tricky to get the balance right, how do I know when to put myself first and when to let it all happen? I know God needs me physically, emotional and spiritually well and that needs time for me

Still welcoming thought!

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