Saturday, 2 May 2009

blogging on the go

This should be possible to blog on the go from my iPhone but connections aren't always great and my typing degenerates so we will just see what happens, please bare with me.

We've had an amazing day today having all woken late and mosied on down tto mothers union may fayre in the sunshine we picked up some bargains and chatted to some of the lovely ladies. Again it brought to my consciousness this feeling I should accept the invite to join the MU - what to do? I don't need to add more time commitments to my life right now as I start my training but perhaps I am meant to join in with their good works; it's so confusing, must pray and take advisement!

This afternoon we've been tidying the garden and pulling weeds and then relaxing together in the sunshine, wonderful to have that well deserved family time. My hope now is to get a couple of hours done getting portfolio information together so the rest of the weekend can be all us as a family.

Right, let's see if this works


thesamesky said...

Whoohoo for the iphone!

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