Thursday, 7 May 2009

Most ministry is unseen

Again I take no credit for the wisdom of this topic, the wisdom originates from the book Total Church: A Radical Reshaping around Gospel and Community by Tim Chester and Steve Timmis via Alan Knox at his blog "The Assembling of the Church"

However I feel compelled to do some sharing on my thoughts since I think it relates to the role of an LLM.

Here's the quote which spoke to me:
Major events have a role to play in church life, but the bedrock of gospel ministry is low-key, ordinary, day-to-day work that often goes unseen. Most gospel ministry involves ordinary people doing ordinary things with gospel intentionality. Whether it is helping a friend, working at the office, or going to the movies, there is a commitment to building relationships, modeling the Christian faith, and talking about the gospel as a natural part of conversation.

Do you see what I mean? LLMs provide a preaching, teaching and pastoral care ministry and that can often be seen; but they also have jobs and lives in which they live the gospel.

So how about my life, how does this look?
I look after Rachel - that's love, moral values, right from wrong and more love
help at preschool - I listen to the Aunties when they're stressed and I chat to mums and I read bible stories at christmas and easter
volunteer with at need families - just being there for several hours a week, playing with the kids and listening to mums, it's not much but it seems to help and if Jesus taught us nothing it is to help those in need in whatever way we can
love family and friends- the theme for today is love.

Through the explorations, interviews, selection conferences and starting training portfolios I got focussed on the role of an LLM within the church and yes that's important. but thanks to this book's quote I now realise that it's the small things I do out there in the world, with the people I meet, know and love that matters the most. It's the living of the gospel more than the preaching and teaching of it that can really make a difference.

this has been you reading the messy inside workings of my mind and I'm sure it doesn't make much sense, but I make no apologies because it's been invaluable for me. thanks for sticking with it to the end.


J. Guy Muse said...

Interesting post. I once heard it described that 80% of Jesus ministry was unintentional. By that most ministry "just happens." As we go about our daily life, we are interrupted by people. Those "interruptions" are God's way of giving us a chance to minister in his name.

LLM Calling said...

So perhaps my "best laid plans" post above is more about being where I'm needed?!