Monday, 27 September 2010

I used to hate Mondays

I used to hate Mondays

Here are the tweets which started this post.

Friend made me think - I used 2hate Mondays, starting back 2grind.  But now every day has same potential, hope & fear, Mondays have no power!

... Monday has no power, but nor do sundays.  life is whole, every day focussed on the best it can be for my family, friends, God; freedom.


I don't really know why today particularly this has come to mind, but it must be for a reason so I will post.

I am in ministry, it is no longer theoretical or abstract, now it is real and my life is changing - that being the purpose of a year of formation.  

What does this mean?
It means being a mum, a wife, a friend; it means following where God wants me to go.  It includes visiting the sick, listening to the depressed, caring for the weary, teaching the young, hearing the teenager, laughing at the joke, crying at the movie, smiling at the stranger, helping the needy.  It happens at scheduled times for specific events and commitments but mostly it is on the hoof, at the school gate, shops and park.

I have been waiting for the penny to drop or lightning to strike and tell me I am now enough to go into ministry.  But thanks to much supervision, friendship, love and an amazing LLM conference I now know I am ready, as ready as I need to be for now. God is working on me and will continue to; I will develop, change and embrace it; but right now I am enough.

And with this comes calm.  
The striving is reduced and the being is increased.

Now Mondays hold no fear or trepidation.  I need not worry about the pressures upon me and where I am heading.  Now I trust that all will be ok, I know I just need to keep doing what presents itself.

Now Sundays hold no greater relaxation or joy than any other day. I can take time for quiet at any time, I know peace always (almost).   Now I allow family time to be important; family at home, family with friends, family at church, family with God.

And now I'm thinking about the fact that Sunday is a day if rest - when is my day of rest?  Do I need one?  Do I rest enough?  I can't, so won't answer that right now but will return to it later I'm sure.  For now I will continue to celebrate the fact that Mondays are as good as any other day.