Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Day two - Tuesday 30th november

Day two - Tuesday 30th November 2010
8.00 reading and homework with Rachel
8.30 school run
9.00 morning prayer
10.00 launch of 'going deeper' at church
12.00 trustee duties 4preschool 
1.30 lunch
3.30 meeting to review jointly presiding liturgies
5.00 school run from club
6.30 Rachel bed
7.00 take miscarriage association call

Today looked like a very relaxed one and yet this evening I am exhausted.  It started as normal, I even got another 10 Christmas cards written first thing.  After morning prayer I went to the Launch of our "going deeper" year - encouraging people to look at their faith and life in a deeper way and see what changes they might want to make.  It was an interactive session and fantastic, but tiring for my mind since I was paired with a seeker who had a lot of questions.  Great to have had the opportunity to walk with him though.

I went from that to preschool, where I am chair of the charity, checking on staffing (illnesses), christmas fundraising things and general management issues.

After lunch I had a meeting with vicar about how we jointly preside at the family and all-age services, we are trying to make it work better.  It was interesting that in fact he is happy (keen) for me to do more and that's fine with me.

I then had a lie down and nap for an hour before getting Rachel home and curling up on the sofa with her.  I'm
Not sure why I'm so exhausted, probably still recovery from pneumonia, but am going to go to bed early

Monday, 29 November 2010

Day one - Monday 28th November

Day one - Monday 29th November 2010
8.00 reading and homework with Rachel
8.30 school run
9.00 morning prayer
10.00 coffee with friend
11.30 renew driving license
12.00 trustee duties @preschool
1.00 lunch
2.00 answer emails
2.30 listening to reading @school
3.30 school run
3.45 Rachel has friend to play/tea
4-7 take miscarriage association calls
4.00 collate ideas for christingle liturgy modernisation
5.30 dinner
6.30 Rachel bed
7.00 evening as a couple (sacrosanct once a week!)

Wow, this was a quiet day and yet when it's written down it doesn't seem that way.  I had a lovely time with friend this morning, made me realise the value of scheduling time to do that.

Preschool duties involved paperwork - I hate it and would like to recruit a vice chair to help spread the load and also be a successor.  Emails were not as bad as usual and included a new trustee opportunity for me to reflect on.  

Listening to reading at school was very different - one child was reading a Noah inspired story and asked me to tell the "proper Noah story, you know about the bible"; so a short version was told and she was thrilled.  Another child told me she doesn't have anyone to listen to her at home and she is looking forward to next week to have her time with me.  Who would have thought that something as simplexes volunteering 45minutes a week could be so important.

I have a few ideas for christingle liturgy and look forward to making the changes and seeing it work in a few weeks time.  Hope vicar likes my ideas tomorrow.

I took 2 calls from miscarriage sufferers today, sometimes I have none, sometimes a dozen; what matters is that I am here if someone needs to talk.

And so now it's my evening off.  mike and I have always (tried to) had friday nights held sacrosanct but this week is his Xmas party so we've moved it to today.  In reality our couple time has been abandoned recently through busyness (mostly mine) but we are trying to get them back.

One day down, six more to go. 

Sunday, 28 November 2010

One week in the life of a lay minister in formation

One week in the life of a lay minister in formation.

My academic training to be a licensed lay minister was completed last week with the sending of my 11th portfolio. I've obviously breathed a sigh of relief but also felt energised to really start exploring where my ministry is taking me and how it will look day to day.  I will be licensed next November and so have a full year of formation in the parish, the course on funeral ministry and a placement somewhere very different (as yet to be arranged).

The first stage of this formational year has been the establishment of my ministerial support group.  We will meet termly to openly discuss my ministry, my life, my work-life balance and more.  On this group are Mike, vicar, Llm advisor (chair) and 2 church members who understand my home life, calling and parish.  I am a mix if excited and nervous about this group, but need think no more about it until we meet first in January.

I have decided I need to better understand what I actually do in a "normal" week, seems a good place to start if I'm going to understand where I'm going.  And why not blog this?  So starting tomorrow I will blog my days activities.  It will no doubt be interesting for me, and it might be intriguing for others.  We will see.