Friday, 3 December 2010

Day 5 - Friday 3rd December

Day five - Friday 3rd December 2010
8.00 reading and homework with Rachel
8.30 school run
9.00 morning prayer
9.30 preschool trustee duty call
10.00 write intercessions
1.00 my afternoon 4me - relax!
3.30 school run
4.00 Rachel and me on playdate
6.30 Rachel bed
7.00 take miscarriage association calls

Day 5, my quiet day, in principle. It started with a call to attend preschool to sort some waiting list/new starter issues but then got back on course.  I spent some time writing the intercessions for Sunday but obviously fell asleep; I woke up at almost 2pm, I hope they don't have the same effect on the congregation!  I clearly needed the rest, I woke up feeling better than I have in days.  And reviewing the intercessions I think they should be fine, but then I never read then but instead allow the spirit to take me with the written as a basis.

I got Rachel's first school report home today and it was as expected, she's between 12 and 18months ahead of the average for year1.  School seem pleased with how she's fitting in.  I'm obviously proud as punch.  However I had to hold back on this because I was with a friend who's child is about 12months delayed in their progress.  It got me to thinking; why do I always protect others? I hate the idea of hurting my friend, but I'm sure she would have liked to share in my pride in Rachel. I spend so much of my time worrying about others' reactions to my news that I rarely get to celebrate with or lean on others.  And so this is my learning and reflection for tonight; how do I take myself out of the "carer" role and into a friend who supports and asks as needed?

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