Sunday, 5 December 2010

Day 7 Sunday 5th December - reflections on the week

Day seven - Sunday 5th December 2010
10.00 all age service - intercessions
12.00 lunch
3.00 run church kids Xmas party
6.30 Rachel bed
7.00 prepare uniform for school
8.00 review week ahead's diary with mike
8.30 strictly, xfactor

I can't quite believe I've actually managed to blog every day for a week, I don't think I've ever managed to do that before.  No doubt the fact that it was a useful exercise for me had a large part to do with keeping me motivated, it hasn't mattered if I'm boring or if no one reads.

Today was a pretty normal Sunday in the most part, a leisurely getting up process quickly ends up in a dash out the door to church.  This week was a 10am all age service and I was on intercessions duty.  I like this role, it allows me to gain from the gospel and sermon and yet share my own thoughts on the readings through the prayers on behalf of us all.  I was pleasantly surprised to get lots of positive feedback on the prayers, not something which people normally feed back about, they were clearly God given. We have prayer ministry after each Sunday service and I wasn't rota'd but someone was ill so I stepped in to do that.  Whilst I prayed with those needing it, Rachel played with the older kids who then told her all about world aids day (there was a display in church from the schools work in the week), she then recounted all her new learned facts to me on the way home. I'm sure this will raise questions which I will answer as best I can.

I rarely mention my fantastically supportive laid back aestheist hubby; mostly because he doesn't want his life online and also because he isn't involved in my church life.  He does not and has never believed in God.  Despite seeing the impact of faith on my and Rachel's lives he does not see a need for the same in his life.  I secretly think he's moving, but I trust that to God if it's going to happen, it's not an issue for our marriage.  He often comes to church, for festivals and sometimes to support me if I'm preaching/presiding or to help with Rachel rather than require her to miss a service I'm running.  He comes to church socials and likes the church community, but mostly on a Sunday he chooses to do the weekly food shop rather than come to church. The upside of this is obvious since I hate shopping for food, it also means Rachel and I come home to Sunday lunch quite often. That was true today.  Chicken dinner as a family, lovely.

I'm not sure what came over me after lunch, I could have had a rest, but instead found christmas energy and finished the Christmas cards and wrapped up all the presents; there is no greater joy than wrapping presents for those I love. And so now i feel ready for Christmas, if all else fails my loved ones will be spoiled.

The church kids Christmas party is always fun and this year was no different. Only 10 children came (under 7s) for one reason or another (mostly illness) but enough fun was had for 100.  The church youth wardens ran some crafty activities and party games, the parents all bring food, and the kids have a ball.  I wish we could open this annual activity out to the wider community, it's such a joy to celebrate Christmas with kids and I feel that we should offer it wider.  I will definitely suggest it to pcc.

So what have I learned through this transparent life exercise?
- I love time just being with family a d friends
- I do more than I plan or remember
- I have ideas, lots of them, but they get lost in my busy life
- I gain much from being able to reflect on things I do; I need to programme time for this
- I love the "job" I am called to
- I should do this termly!

So thank you for reading, if you did.  I am off to catch Strictly and Xfactor results shows.

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Anonymous said...

Well done you!

I totally agree about blogs being a good way to reflect on stuff - forcing oneself to put things into words, even if it's only as questions to the air that never get answered, actually helps me work out what I think.

My problem is there is some stuff I want to ask the world, or simply reflect on, that I don't feel I can because I know a lot of folks around the parish now read it occasionally.

I also know what you mean about getting lots of ideas. I wish I could blog more of them - there must be dozens of blog posts I've never got round to writing. I actually find it quite frustrating.

Sadly, I also recently found that I've started to dream in short phrases of about 140 characters or less :-) (Really - how sad is that?!)