Saturday, 4 December 2010

Day six - saturday 4th December

Day six - saturday 4th December 2010
10.00 morning prayer
12.00 church Christmas fair
2.00 school Christmas fair
5.00 dinner
6.30 strictly 
8.00 x-factor

I think I'll blog now seeing as how nothing gets between me and strictly, and I'm too tired to do much by factor time.

I feel weirdly christmasy but overwhelmed.  Two Christmas fairs in one day is officially too much for me, especially when neither of them are particularly christmasy.  They were both nice but neither amazing - see previous blog post on Rachel's thoughts on all this.

Anyway since the fairs we have transformed our house into a regular Christmas grotto; the lounge in Rachel's chosen silver and pink and the conservatory in classic red and gold.  I normally get really hyper about this but this year am a little deflated.  It might be that I'm tired or perhaps I'm feeling a little overwhelmed by the 4 sermons, 3 assemblies, 2 christmas kids parties and 1 christingle I am scheduled for before Christmas, who knows.  I'm sure by my birthday (8 days time) all cards will have been sent, presents wrapped, sermons planned, food stuffs bought and christingles sourced and I'll feel very ready.  I can but hope

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