Monday, 6 December 2010

Natwivity on twitter and facebook


This advent on twitter and facebook a new retailing of the nativity story is being told each day through advent.  

The name of this: natwivity.

Twitter name @natwivity
Facebook page Natwivity

 It all started on 1st December and so far it provides a really fresh way of looking at the nativity story.  Of course we are only 6 days in so far but already I'm loving it.  Here are some of the tweets I particularly like:

"#Mary I’m pregnant?????!!!!! WHAT?????!!!!!!!"

"#Herod Another marvelous morning in the palace. I can highly recommend being the King. Oh no but you can’t be - because I AM!"

"#Joseph What is going on? I’m so scared. Mary... please come home. Talk to me #ILoveYou"

There are two aspects to this mission (and no I don't use that word lightly) which I appreciate:
1 - it's amusing; in fact it's downright funny, it grabs you and draws you in
2 - it's engaging; it is making me think like not before and has even got me chiming up with my own responses

I recommend Natwivity, whether you know the story inside and out, knew it as a child or have never come across it before - give it a go!

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Anonymous said...

I'm loving it too. Love the way it "crosses over" the semi-porous border between their story & ours. Over the years this is something I have longed to do in different ways. See the second lobster's story at: