Saturday, 4 December 2010

Rachels plans for the perfect christmas fair

Rachels perfect christmas fair

After a day of Christmas fairs; one at church and then the school one (which is actually a winter bizarre to be accurate), Rachel has decided they were great but neither was perfect.  So next year she wants us (that'll be me!) to run the church fair next year and here are her ideas:

- have it in November before everyone has bought all their Christmas things
- have it properly Christmas themed
- it needs a big Christmas tree with lights and everything
- It needs a big sign and leaflets
- Christmas lights need to be everywhere
- fancy dress competition
- you must have a Santa grotto
- there should be a nativity scene 
- carols should be played
- the cafe should sell Yule logs, mince pies, gingerbread men, sandwiches in Christmas shapes, star shaped jam tarts for the Christmas star and have juice and tea (I think mulled wine)
- instead of random cakes on the stall they should all be Christmas cakes and a competition for the best decorated
- raffle
- stall selling christmas decorations
- stall selling tiny Christmas trees decorated
- Christmas cards stall
- advent calendar stall 
- plant stall with red flowers (poinsettia) and round things for doors (holly wreaths)
- pin the nose on Rudolph game
- kids tombola
- adults tombola
- hook the candy cane
- lolly pick to win prizes
- lucky dip
- roll the dice game (win better prize for higher number)
- face painting
- craft stall to decorate Christmas trees, stars and angels as tree decorations
- make Christmas cards stall
- toy stall

So what do you think of her plans?
What would you include?

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Anonymous said...

Tell the little lady it sounds great to me! Exactly like a Christmas Fair should be :-)

Makes me wonder though - what were they really like!?