Saturday, 9 April 2011

Llm forum 2011

Today was the annual Oxford Diocese LLM Forum, a one day conference for licensed lay ministers. I was part of the planning group and also had a role in today's programme, but mainly wanted to meet up with LLMs I otherwise don't see and to partake in the day.

The subject of today's forum was "Making Disciples"; that being the area of interest for the year in the Diocese.

We started with worship and the reading of the great commission in Matthew. We then thought about how we ourselves have been discipled and disciple others; who discipled us and what our "jewels" of discipleship might be to give others.

We undertook a bible study of Luke 4; looking at how Jesus their sets out his manifesto to bring about social change we also absorbed the fact that through Jesus all are forgiven and will eat at the banquet in heaven.

After lunch we broke into arch-deaconry areas to share the way discipleship is being undertaken in each if our parishes; focussing on the three areas of the diocesan model of discipleship: new beginnings, growth and fruitfulness.

Our final activity was to think about how we might, as LLMs, be actively involved in making disciples and how we can take on the lessons of the day.

My role in the day was the conclusion; the wrap up and send out. what little I wrote to be shared I will now share:

Being a disciple is like being a friend; small steps getting to know someone is all it requires.

We are but conduits for the spirit to act; it acts despite us.

God made us as we are; no more, no less. We are enough to be disciples and make disciples.

Remember often the person who most discipled you, this is what you can be.

Know what brings you to faith each morning, it is that which inspires others.

We are given this gift through grace; let others experience it too.

Through the spirit we are able, because of who Jesus is now!

So what have I taken away; two things:
1 - I am enough (yes, I am reminded again)
2 - I am a conduit for the holy spirit to make disciples; by being me the spirit works

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