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Prom praise 2011

Prom Praise 2011

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Here is the Royal Albert Hall's selling pitch:

"Prom Praise is a exciting blend of sacred and concert music, a joyful fusion of performance and worship.  Over recent years, conductor Noel Tredinnick and the All Souls Orchestra have been developing a working partnership with popular singer and worship leader, Lou Fellingham, and we are delighted to welcome her to the Royal Albert Hall for the first time.  We have also enjoyed a number of collaborations with soprano, Sarah Vander Ploeg who will also be making a Royal Albert Hall debut.  A massed choir is again gathering from all over the UK and beyond representing the many choirs and singers who join the All Souls Orchestra in Prom Praise events around the UK and beyond.   The evening will be co-hosted by Rico Tice."

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And here is my prom praise review; written on the coach trip home with the rest of the happy singers from our church.

Dancing, singing, worshiping and loving; that about sums up prom praise 2011 for me.  I danced to hymns old and new, sung my heart out till I coughed, worshipped our Lord Jesus with body and soul, and loved every second.

The All Souls Orchestra was as spectacular as ever especially the horn section.  The international prom praise mass choir was fabulouso, and I'm pretty sure I spotted a fellow LLM.   The Canadian opera singer Sarah was wonderful, especially with her rendition as Juliet.  But the stars of the music show for me were Phatfish led by Lou Fellingham; AMAZING music, lyrics and delivery (and yes, I bought a cd).

Of course there are the two essential leaders of prom praise; Noel (conductor) and Rico (Pastor).  From these two men the 4500 strong congregation absorbed the Gospel and felt the Spirit at work.

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I cannot end this review without mentioning the fact that Prom Praise was the centre of our trip today, it has filled me anew ready for the weeks ahead.  But so has the fellowship in the coach on the way, play in the park with the kids, chatting in the interval and being a true church family on the way home.  It is the whole package that will stat with me. 
Christ amongst us.

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