Monday, 11 April 2011

Restricted human rights

As reported by the BBC today a ban on face covering veils came into force in France. I can't believe they've actually brought this new law into place, surely it is an infringement of the human rights.

I understand that there is fear around the veil and especially the Burkha because you can not see the person inside.

I understand that some women are forced or coerced into covering their faces.

I understand that there are calls for this across Europe.

But, seriously, the wearing of veils is usually a decision made by the women themselves; it allows them to go about the world without feeling watched. Many women report feeling safer and less objectified, it's their choice, allow them to continue.

I truly hope this law does not spread across Europe.

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Nancy Wallace said...

I couldn't agree more Emma. It looks too much like racism. I'm thinking that it's not so many decades ago that it was usual for 'ladies' in Britain to wear a face veil when going about in public. Fashions come and go. Do we want police to monitor fashion? Why ban a particular form of modest dress but tolerate the semi-nakedness seen in many town centres on Saturday nights.