Thursday, 7 April 2011

Royal Wedding Street Party

I have been trying to drum up support to hold a street party (well actually on a green just behind our house) for the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate. I have had lots of people interested, but no one wishing to help at all or do anything. I have filled in the forms for the council and sent emails to the parks department, but heard nothing. I have bought bunting and flags and all sorts of cheap but fun stuff, but no one seems that bothered.

So I was interested when I saw this article on the BBC about reasons why there are so few royal wedding street parties held. But I think the BBC reporter has missed the point; focussing on reasons such as:
- no interest in royalty
- bureacracy to arrange
- short engagement leaving short planning time
- closeness to Easter and therefore less leave needed for a holiday

However I think the reporter has missed the point. I think the issue is lack of community spirit. When I have spoken to people they are positive, but no one wants to actually be the one doing something for their community, and it needs a team to arrange and hold a street party.

I have no idea if our party will take off, but at the very least there will be a group of us having a picnic and getting together to celebrate; let's hope the weather's as good as today.

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