Tuesday, 5 April 2011

When technology fails us

Those of you who follow me on twitter, friend me on facebook or have any chance of being in a meeting with me in the coming months will probably already know this, but just in case......

my computer crashed whilst syncing with my iphone and it has wiped my ENTIRE calendar!!!

Of course this has the up side of cancelling all my appointments, and some of them I would quite like to get out of (eg Dentist).

But the down side out weighs this considerably.
- I now have to go around with my head between my legs like 'the silly girl who forgot to back up' that I am, and that triggers my not good enough feelings.
- I will spend the next few weeks trying to find time to find out where I should be and when, time I don't really have.
- I am running the risk of throwing my iphone out the nearest window and buying a fliofax, neither of which will do me much good.

But hey, I am calm(ish) and can almost see the funny side and "things could be worse".


Red said...

oh no, poor you! A filofax is just as bad, I have one of those and if I lost it I would be in the same state as you! There is no perfect way and even if you backed up, in our house you would practically have to do it every hour to keep up!!
hope you catch up with it all...

geekmummy said...

Oh no, what a nightmare! I've had all sorts of calendar synchronising disasters over the years - my PalmPilot would frequently duplicate all the appointments in my calendar, which was irritating, but no-where near as bad as losing everything.

I actually now don't synchronise my calendar - I just use Google calendar and access it directly from the iPhone (using the Exchange account functionality). No synching = less chance of problems I find :)