Monday, 31 December 2012

Three words of 2012

As I look back on the year
It's both with pride and fear
Much went as I had hoped
It wasn't tedious, that'd be a joke

In fact I think I'm more prepared
I did limber, though unaware
Ready for the year to come
I've learnt much, and then some

My main thanks is that I survived
I didn't detonate, though I cried
But there's nothing wrong with that
It's healing, that's a fact


I've called this three words of 2012 but actually they're just the random words that a prompt at three word Wednesday had provided, but I prefer the title of this poem better. The three words are:

Detonate; verb: Explode or cause to explode.

Limber; adjective; (Of a person or body part) lithe; supple, (of a thing) flexible; verb: Warm up in preparation for exercise or activity, esp. sports.

Tedious; adjective: Too long, slow or dull; tiresome or monotonous.

Where's Tommy?

If I ever ask where's Tommy
With panic in my voice
Tell me to look in the corner
That's his hiding place of choice

He could go on his bed
Or curl up on his mat
But he prefers to use my blanket
That's where I'll find him sat

So don't let me panic
Or worry about his fate
Tell me to look in the corner
There I'll see his gorgeous face

Kitten drawings

Who says kittens can't draw?
Who says touch screens need fingers?
I have proof
None of that's true
Look and see what my kitten drew

He got his paws on my phone
Chased my fingers on screen
Copied me
Liked what he'd seen
And now you can see it too

No new year resolutions

I'm not making any resolutions
I don't care what you say
Don't raise your eyebrows at me
I'm not wasting any time today

I feel released from needing them
Life didn't fail last year
Well it did a bit
But only as much as any other year

Instead I'll just keep trying
To choose the right path to go
With God's help I hope it'll be ok
It'll be His course that I'll follow

So no I won't write targets
Or make promises to myself
Instead I'll take each day as it comes
And leave the future to itself


This poem was written in response to the endless mention of new year resolutions but it also fits with the call from Poets United to write about kindness; this is me being kinder to myself.  Happy New Year.

Book of spells on ps3

One ps3 console
One book of spells game
One wonder book
And we'll put wizards to shame

Set it up
Open the book
Pick up your wand
Let's take a look

Read the stories
Learn all the spells
Try them out
Then dragons you'll fell

Turn the page
Another chapter to try
Amazing fun
A great Christmas buy


We bought the "Book of spells" on the ps3 with combined Christmas money, it's been amazing and inspired a little poem.

Happy New Year 2013

Goodbye to the old
Two thousand and twelve
Hello to the new year
Into it we delve

This year was a mix
Lots of highs and some lows
I pray that next year
More smoothly flows

So farewell and goodbye
Let the past stay as that
Looking ahead I now travel
I wonder what dreams will become fact

Sunday, 30 December 2012

Allow yourself to be healed

              Used up


Toxicity contained
Dirt remained
Fresh air now provided




Magpie Tales provided this picture for inspiration, the words kind of placed themselves.

Love is....

As I sit and cuddle Tommy
I'm thinking about love
What it gives and how it comforts,
God's gift from up above.
For you
For me, all our lives through
when ever we're in need
Just look closely and you will see
God's love taking the lead


This poem was written for the Sunday mini Challenge at real toads - to write in Robert Herrick's stanza form which develops the 17th century hymnal form, in the format:

x x x x x x x a
x x x x x b
x x x x x x x c
x x x x x b
x d
x x x x x d
x c
x x x x x e
x x x x x x x a
x x x x x e

X = syllable

Fiscal cliff

There's a fiscal cliff
They're rushing towards it
They'll be no more benefits
Just loads of tax hikes

They've got to get together
To sort it out forever
Put politics behind
Focus on what's right

Do they have a clue
All that is at stake?
Not just for the US
But for all of us today

Please take it seriously
Sort out all your policies
Support the really poor and
Ignore the power houses

See the cliff ahead
Build a bridge instead
We're all looking at you
Please be careful what you do

Saturday, 29 December 2012

It's Tommy

Black and white
Tiny and feisty
This is Tommy
Newest member of our family

Full of beans
Really cuddly
Slept all night
Didn't wake up early

Loves to play
Climbs the tree
Rachel's new toy
Like having a newborn baby

Loves life
Such a tonic
Amazing to watch
Wiggle your toes and he's on it

Friday, 28 December 2012

White snow, bright snow

The prompt for Saturday centus at Jenny Matlocks blog this week was white snow, bright snow.  Here's where my (almost) 100 words laid their Christmas heads.

White snow
Bright snow
We can but dream
Cold mornings
Frozen ground
Rivers on the steam

Stars out
Moon light
Night brisk and clear
Robin feeder
Hedgehog sleeper
Perfect winter here

Oh no
Not now
That's not outside
We have
Grey skies
And floods on road sides

Too warm
Strange weather
Doesn't feel quite right
Oh well
Who can tell
What'll happen over night

I'll dream
Of snow fall
Transforming the world
Imagine how
It'll be
When it's bright and cold

This was my 2012

Laurie at real toads had challenged us to write a poem with all the words provided each month through 2012:
Nonsense x
Ethereal x
Perspective x
Effervescence x
Turgid x
Dementia x
Demarcation x
Miscreant x
Bottleneck x
Zen/Meditation x

I took the challenge an itsy bitsy bit further by making it into a 2012 roundup.  I hope it brings a smile to these last days of the year.

This year of 2012
Has been a busy one
Full of ethereal thoughts
Alongside nonsense and fun

Looking back over the months
It's nice to get perspective
Although when trying to recall
I feel dementia might be onset

There's been lots of effervescence
With a little miscreant pleasure
Very little that was turgid
Thanks to the meditation behaviour

In the middle there was a bottleneck
A clear demarcation
Sorting out family and work time
Ensuring we got the balance

I'm ready now to tie it up
In a burlap type of sack
Goodbye to this year gone by
I wonder what'll be 2013s tack.

Thursday, 27 December 2012

Friendship - a to z of children's work

As a child we learn about love
Love of parents
Love of God

In Sunday school we focus on that love
Love of family
Love of friends

Our aim is that kids learn how to love
Love of others
Love of themselves

Through that love they'll be great friends
Love in good times
Love through out

God wants us to share His love with the world
Love of friendship
Love of support

That Christmas night

Rachel gave me ten words and challenged me to write a poem, here goes nothing.

Anything x
Coke x
Mango lassi x
Socks x
Heffalump x
Coat x
Bear x
Star x
Christmas x
Light x

On Christmas day this year
We shared a meal with bear
He was alone with none to share
So we gave him lots of love and care

Joining us with a pint of coke
Came heffalump, with a joke
His socks were completely soaked
So we wrapped him in a coat

We didn't have food or anything
To give them, except a ring
Of glasses with mango lassi and gin
It made them want to dance and sing

As the night started to arrive
Everyone of us started to jive
Beneath the moon and star light
We merrily partied that Christmas night

Dub step goats

Move that heel
Until you feel
The roll of the reel
And the dub step zeal

Move those horns
Avoid all thorns
Watch out for acorns
Dancing with fawns

Now your dancing
Dub step prancing
Goat bleat bleating
No more mincing


No I haven't lost my insanity over the Christmas festivities, I'm just joining in a crazy New year challenge with real toads; go and see those much more dub step tastic than me.

Why why why

Do they hate me?
Do they gang up on me?
Do they spread rumours about me?

Do I care so much?
Does it upset me so?
Can't I move on and forget it?

Is the question
Seems to have no answer
Do I keep tormenting myself?

Praying for miraculous help (A to Z of mental health - fear)

I feel like I'm slipping away
From the person I used to be
I feel like I'm changing each day
And soon you won't see me
I feel like I'm no longer myself
That I'm a shadow of my former self
I keep praying for miraculous help but
I worry God's busy somewhere else
I feel pretty hopeless
But my faith still gives me hope
So each day I keep on praying
That's how I continue to cope

This poem was written for the letter F of my A to Z of mental health. 
Fear is the subject.
Praying is the antedote.

Christmas evening 2012

Please leave me alone
Just for an hour
I don't want to watch Strictly
I've the end of Merlin to devour

Please stop taking photos
Leave me alone
Concentrate on the dancing
I'm watching on my phone

Oh yes, that's very funny
Blinging up the pic
What are all those add ons?
Actually I quite like it

Shall we watch the Dr
Who always saves the world?
It wouldn't be Christmas without
This time he saves us from the cold

Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Putting up Christmas tree lights

I'm sure you'll have heard the famous quote by Maya Angelou which includes:

"I've learned that you can tell a lot about a person by the way he/she handles these three things: a rainy day, lost luggage, and tangled Christmas tree lights". 

Today it was provided as the thought for the day at Imaginary Gardens for Real Toads and it's inspired me.  I hope you enjoy.

When putting up the Christmas tree
It always seems so clear to me
That the lights conspire each year to be
A horror of absolute trickery

No matter how they went away
They'll all be knotted here today
As if they want us all to play
I'd rather for, another set pay

This is my fate, I sit myself down
Lay the lights all on the ground
Slowly undo the knots all round
Until at last they are unwound

Or rather, most are now ok
The others can be hidden away
I'll save that fight for another day
I'd rather some Christmas music play

Monday, 24 December 2012

Twas the night before Christmas

Twas the night before Christmas
And all through the house
No one was stirring
Not even a mouse

Then over the monitor
A sound could be heard
Some thing was moving
It sounded absurd

Like a squeaking and buzzing
Or perhaps a meow
The noise got louder
We didn't know how

What was Santa bringing
To us this Christmas
Should we be worried
Could it be disastrous?

We crept up the staircase
Wondering what we'd see
There in a basket
A present for me

A beautiful kitten
Perfect black and white
How happy we were
That Christmas night

We have called him Tommy
He's perfect for us
We couldn't be happier
Why did we make such a fuss?


A poem inspired by the great poem of the same name by Clement Clarke Moore (1779 - 1863).  I've taken poetic license with the subject since we actually collect our kitten Tommy on the 28th December.  Happy Christmas everyone, I pray that you each receive the gifts you desire this Christmas.

Sunday, 23 December 2012

Thoroughly modern Mary

I'm a thoroughly modern Mary
I know what I need to do
I'm going to do what God wants
Give birth to a saviour for you

I'm a thoroughly modern Mary
Not afraid of my life ahead
I'll follow God's plan for my life
Go wherever I'm led

I'm a thoroughly modern Mary
Married to Joseph one day
A major party of the story
Giving birth to Jesus that day

I'm a thoroughly modern Mary
I think she was modern for her time
I'm just helping you know her
Through words made into rhyme

Saturday, 22 December 2012

Nativity Carol "On One Special Day"

On one extra special day
Angel Gabrielle came
To visit Mary and to say
No I'm not a flame
I've brought some good news today
It will bring you fame
You will have Gods son one day
Jesus is his name

Joseph wasn't quite so sure
He was full of fear
To help, in a dream so pure
Gabrielle brought him near
Nine months on they knew for sure
Baby was coming here
A donkey Joseph did procure
To Bethlehem, don't fear

Looking for a bed that night
Knocked on every door
All were full, every night
Could we take a floor?
Might a stable help your plight?
Yes, we don't need more
Safely away from every fright
Jesus born on straw

On a hill outside the town
Shepherds saw a light
Don't be afraid, no need for frown
A baby's born this night
From this hill to town come down
The futures now so bright
With their sheep, white, black and brown
They visited first that night

Many thousand miles away
Men looked at the star
Someone special's born today
We must travel far
Travelled many miles that way
Bought from a bazaar
Gold, frankincense, myrrh to pay
Homage to Jesus' star

This is our story for you
One we know so well
These were the lucky few
Who then on earth did dwell
We remember the story anew
Every time we tell
Tonight it is a gift so true
Let it in you dwell


I wrote this carol inspired by the children of St Nicolas who wrote the nativity play this year.  I was also helped along by the format of a hymnal measure in eight lines which was described at real toads.  I'm really rather thrilled at how it's come together; it's no classic, but it's better than some I've sung in churches over the years. Now to get someone to write a tune :)

Let there be peace on earth

This Christmas I have just one prayer
Let there be peace on earth

Sounds so simple
Sounds so easy
Let there be peace on earth

No guns
No pain
No death
No hurt
Let there be peace on earth

Children play
Adults love
Let there be peace on earth

Let there be peace on earth

Love's accepted
Everyone valued
Let there be peace on earth

This Christmas I have just one prayer
Let there be peace on earth


This poem was written for the real roads prompt "peace on earth"; it's referring to the horrors of the Newtown massacre and the pain of hate in all societies.  It comes from the heart; let there be peace on earth.

Christmas cheer

Every year, about this time
To bring some Christmas cheer
We get some pastry and some jam
And bake, as we haven't all year

I like mince pies, no one else does
So jam tarts are what we make
Small ones, medium ones, some in between
And some too massive to bake

It's not the result that really matters
It's the baking at Christmas time
We'd all be short of festive cheer
If you couldn't smell jam tarts round mine

Friday, 21 December 2012

Messy Christingle

This year we ran our Christingle in our messy church service PPP - people, prayers and potatoes.  I wanted to break out of the formal Christingle service we've been using with mixed success over the past few years and I'm really pleased with how this worked; it was a lot of fun. With 26 children, 24 adults and 2 leaders we made 30 Christingles. 

Here are the leaders notes.
12.00 - people arrive
Two craft tables at the back to make Christingles, stars and stained glass windows with tissue paper.

12.20 - congregate at the front
Jesus was born to bring light into the darkness.  Today we remember the story of Jesus' birth when the light came into earth.

Invite the children to bring their Christingles and crafts to the front so we can all see them.

"Look at your amazing creations; you have made these Christingles, stars and stained glass windows.  What an amazing gift God gives us to allow us to have such creativity and of course he also gave us the massive gift of his creation of the world."

Sing #396 -  it was on a starry night

Talk about the Christingle
Talk through the different symbolism of the Christingle's orange, fruits, ribbon and candle:
Here is an orange to represent ..... Jupiter? Snowmen? Smiley faces? Sun?
Here is a candle to represent ..... Heat? Warmth? Tall people? Statues?
Here are the fruit to represent ..... Children? Sweets? Rubbish?
Here is the ribbon to represent ..... post boxes? Trains? Fire engines?

The kids can all shout out the real answers but just keep smiling and being silly.

Then ask the children of they can help us really understand the Christingle:
- A lighted candle (symbolising Jesus, the Light of the World),
- an orange (representing the world),
- a red ribbon (indicating the blood of Christ and a big hug for the world)
- and four cocktail sticks with fruit and sweets (symbols of God’s creation.)

How amazing that something you've made yourself reminds us of how God created the world and gave us Jesus and loves us so much that he died for us all, surrounding us with his love and still lighting all the dark places in the world and in our lives even today.

The Children's Society works with God to bring love and light to children who are in dark places, and that's what the money raised today will go towards. So let's light the candles, make a donation for the children's society and sing.

Light the Christingles and sing in darkness
#65 - go tell it on a mountain

Pray together
When all the Christingles are lit, invite everyone to enjoy a moment of reflection to look at the light in the darkness and say something private to Jesus.

Dear Jesus
Thank you for coming and being the light of the world for everyone.  Please be with all the children who are lonely or sad or ill this Christmas and let them see your light.

Lords Prayer

#12 - away in a manger

Blow out the candles, turn on the lights and invite everyone to put their Christingle down in front of them.

Blessing and invite to share lunch


If you'd like to include a poem, here's a poem I wrote about our Christingle this year.

Thursday, 20 December 2012

A to Z of mental health: eating disorders

Can't eat
Can't stop
Feel sick
Must not

No sugar
No fat
Only veg
All of that

Hate myself
Don't understand
Eat more
Shove it down

Wish hadn't
Never again
Wake up
It starts again


This poem is written as part of my a to z of mental health.  If you or someone you love is suffering with an eating disorder I highly recommend OA - overeaters anonymous.

A to Z of children's work: everyone

Everyone's invited
No matter who they are
Big, small
Short, tall
Come from near or far

Everyone's welcomed
We celebrate your choice
To play, hear
And learn
By listening to God's voice

Everyone's valued
For everything they'll be
Come in
Join us
Tell us what you see

Everyone's a disciple
All important to God
Believe it
Live it
Give yourself to God

Jazz hands

It's all about the jazz hands
With the wiggle of the hips
And the grin on the face

It's all about the jazz hands
If you want to be famous
And have everyone know your name

It's all about the jazz hands
The jazz hands and knees
I'd show you but I'm hopeless ...... .....  ......  ......  ......apparently

We wish you a merry Christmas

We wish you a merry Christmas
We wish you a happy Christmas
We wish you a loving Christmas
And a relaxing few days
Good tidings we send
To everyone your end
We wish you a joyful Christmas
And a brilliant new year

We all want some bubbly
We all want mince pies
We all want no arguments
So come visit us this here

We wish you a relaxing Christmas
We wish you a smooth Christmas
We wish you a perfect Christmas
Whatever that may be
Best wishes we give
Long life may you live
We wish you a chill out Christmas
And a stress free new year

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Take a day away

Every now and then
We take a day away
Leaving chores at home
Instead we go and play

It brings us back together
Closer as a family
Helps us get perspective
And rebuilds all our energy

It never is expensive
It's all about the time
Sometimes in a tent
Or a hotel on a dime

If life's getting hard
And you need a little break
Go and book it now
I promise you it'll be great


Last weekend we went to Brighton for one night, it's all we could squeeze in.  We ate, chatted, walked, laughed and came home feeling like we'd been away for a week. Perfect.

If I ran the news

If I ran the news, BBC or any other
I'd include good news items to bring smile and cheer
I wouldn't repeat the disasters and endless horrors
I'd bring instead, something that would quell the fear

I hark right back to the balance of news
Where the good and the bad had equal weight
No doubt we'd be happier in this 21st century
If we didn't forever have to worry about our fate

I'd also make sure that truth came top
Above rushing it out, desperate to be first
Stories would be checked and people protected
No matter what the audiences' thirst

Of course, no one would ever give me the job
It's not the way that the world now works
But if I did, then I'm sure it would be
A contributor to a very much happier society


This poem is me venting about the news which overly covers the horrors of the world whilst completely ignoring all that is good.  It also brings in some of my hopes for a better press following the Leverson Enquiry.  The photo is the fantastic Nelson Mandela who believes in celebrating the great stuff of life.

Through star slicks

Atop the wheel
It feels as if
You could touch
The milky way

Glassy rain drops
Provide the foreground
Through which wonders
Are unfolded

No itch to move
No blast of insight
Imagination rushes
Through star slicks

I stop
I listen
I sigh
I imagine

The sky
Anything tragic

Nothing left
Just visibility
Of truth


This poem read written for the Sunday Whirl #87 which asks us to write something to incorporate all of these words: top, milky, glassy, unfolded, itch, blast, rushes, slicks, listen, sigh, lighten, tragic, visibility.

The photo I chose to write about is one I took on Brighton on Saturday night; it's off the Brighton wheel and the pier.


If the orange is the world
And the candle is the light
Then we know Jesus is with us
Every day and every night

If the sweets are the seasons
And the gifts given by God
Then we know to look after
Everything in our world

If the ribbon is His blood
His love wrapped round us all
Then no one needs feel lonely
He'll catch us when we fall

This is the Christingle
A service for us everyone
Raises money for children's society
And is a huge amount of fun

Wondering what's out of sight

It's the longest day, nearly
And we're walking around, early
Exploring the ordinary, which isn't

Because, in the dark
Everything looks stark
And shadows look ever so creepy

But lights create pictures
They light the particulars
Of life that would otherwise by hidden

So we walk, by the light
Wondering what's out of sight
And hoping no monster's out with us


This poem was developing in my mind since we were walking in Brighton at the weekend, but it finally took form when I read the prompt at poetry jam to quote about a walk.  I hope you enjoy.

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Row row row the boat

Row row row the boat
Gently down the stream
If you see a porcupine
Give him some ice cream

Row row row the boat
Speedily up the river
If you see a panda
Tell him to come hither

Row row row the boat
Slowly down the lane
If you meet a llama
Come back home again

Row row row the boat
Roughly round the bend
If you see a long snake
It might be the end

Row row row the boat
Warily up the lake
If you see a scary mouse
Go back and get that snake

Monday, 17 December 2012


This is my squiggle
Can you tell what it is?
A dinosaur on a boat
Or a goose on a nest?

It started as nothing
Then with my pen
I brought it to life
To make it live with no end

Next time you squiggle
Take care what you do
You might create something
That'll want to chase you


This poem was inspired by a squiggle that Rachel developed from a squiggle one of my Goddaughters (E - aged 2) did last week.  We play the game of squiggles all the time; one of you does a squiggle and the other person has to develop it into a picture. Give it a go, it's a lot of fun and is great when you're waiting at a Restaurant or something.

Sunday, 16 December 2012

Grey days

It's a grey day
With endless grey skies
It matches my low mood
Let me tell you why

The road seems endless
Constantly hemmed in
No light on the horizon
How's that to begin?

But over 'that' fence
Are fields of wonder
With beauty living wild
To that I surrender

Despite the grey day
I'll find my sunlight
With friends around me
I know I'll be alright


This poem was inspired by the photo prompt provided by The Mag today; please go and visit some of the other poets linking up.

Saturday, 15 December 2012

Sitting on my eggs

I'm sitting here
On my nest
More accurately
On my eggs

I'm praying
I'm waiting
I'm sitting
I'm loving

My eggs will grow
Life develops
I'm keeping them safe
Love envelops

I'm praying
I'm waiting
I'm sitting
I'm loving

I'm giving my all
I always will
I'm now a mum
Sitting her still

I'm praying
I'm waiting
I'm sitting
I'm loving

Can't wait to hold them
In my arms
These kids of mine
I'll keep from harm

I'm praying
I'm waiting
I'm sitting
I'm loving


This poem is written for the real roads Sunday mini challenge entitled dolls revisited.  The photos of dolls provided were made by some very talented young artists as part of their art course.

The photo is a doll created by the very talented young artist Isabelle Rolles; -thanks for the muse Isabelle.

On the thirteenth day of Christmas

On the thirteenth day of Christmas
My true love left for me
Thirteen bags of torn paper
Twelve left over sausages
Eleven thanks cards to be written
Ten overflowing bins
Nine undelivered presents
Eight calls to be returned
Seven rooms to be tidied
Six sets of lights to pack away
Five dozen cards to recycle
Four unwanted presents
Three trees to be dismantled
Two hundred baubles
And only one of me to clear it all away.


This poem was written for Jenny Matlocks Saturday Centus with the prompt to write song lyrics for the thirteenth day of Christmas.  I'm hoping this is not what I'm left with on 7th January 2013.

Friday, 14 December 2012

Prairie Poetry

I scratch a living day and night
In the mud and dirt
Keeping always an eye open
For any eagle alert

With extended family around
We bring up quite a brood
The challenge is never far away
Where will we find enough food

In the summer it's hot and dry
Scarcely anywhere to hide
We try to stay, below the ground
But it's hot no matter what we try

Winter brings the cold and wet
With winds you can't believe
Again we have to make the best
Of what's available for our needs

We're very well adapted really
For all the nature can throw
What makes it hard is man and beast
Who like to prune and mow

Please come find out more about
Is prairie dogs and our lives
You'll realise just how amazing we are
And perhaps you'll help us survive


This poem was written as part of the real toads ecoregions challenge prompt about prairies.  I've visited many Savannahs but no prairies, but a little research tells me they're the same except with seasonal variations.  I then visited the San Diego zoo website and found out about the flora and fauna of prairies; from whence toys poem came. Oh and there was a fair level of influence from my love of the little house on the prairie books.

I sent my postcard from .....

On Wednesday I wrote a poem of a postcard from the place I'd love to be right now (especially since it's raining and it's time for the school run).  Lots of people guessed where I was talking about, and a few got it right.  This poem will give you more facts about the place with the answer hidden at the start of reach line, enjoy.

Perfectly beautiful
Often empty
Really wild yet with
Tremendous community

Always breathtaking
Light is pure
Feel the wind on your face
Realise the next land is Australia
Experience the joy of empty beaches
Dream of the warmth on your body

South Africa
At its best.


She's falling to thrive
We don't know
Off to hospital we go
Quite yellow isn't she
Yes, help her please
Go to third floor
We can't take much more
Oh, she's very dehydrated
Help her, she's only 3 days old
She'll need to be admitted
I'll stay
You can't, there's nothing you can do
I can't go home
You have to
Our baby
She'll be ok
I can't leave her
We have to
I can't loose another baby

This was by far the worst calamity I've ever felt, leaving Rachel in the special care baby unit at 3 days old. She was home safe and well and healthy a week later but it still haunts me.  This is linked up at real toads for calamities, go and visit other poems, you'll be amazed

Thursday, 13 December 2012

A to Z of children's work: demonstrate

This poem is the fourth in the series of 24 poems about children's work, especially focusing on work with children in a church setting. I hope you enjoy them.

Telling stories
Colouring in
Making models
Ask and answering
These are fine, I suppose
But better is demonstrating

Showing what you really mean
Acting out the entire scene
Allowing much exploration
Bringing to life everything
That is how to really engage
Children of any age

A to Z of mental health: depression







This is written as part of my a to z of mental health, this is how depression feels, it's so much more than feeling a bit blue.  If you think someone you or someone you know is suffering from depression then please seek help from your doctor.

12:12 12/12/12

It's twelve minutes past twelve
I'm not counting the seconds
On Wednesday the 12th of December
In the year two thousand and twelve

It's the last recurring date
Of this 20th century
I doubt I'll see one again
Because I'll be 126

I had always planned
To record this special day
But suspected that my life
Would completely get in the way

But today in the UK
A big freeze covered us all
The world transformed into
A winter wonderland

So I took loads of photos
Of spider webs and trees
I visited the river Thames
And photographed the steam

It was completely magical
A day like I've never seen
It'll definitely stick in the mind
For all of my eternity


This poem is linked up at 12/12/12 group and at Little Things Thursdays.

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Postcard from where?

Dear readers
Wish you were here
Well actually, no I don't
I like no-one being near :)

The waves are rolling
The sun shines down
No one can disturb us
There's only dolphins around

Other side of this dune
Is a world of change
Where everything's moving
Developing and improving

Of course the wildlife
Has a mind of its own
But that's exciting
Another reason why here I've flown

I love this place
The people, the land
Wish I could stay
This could be where I stand

But it's a dream alone
One I pray I'll repeat
When money allows
Please reserve my seat


This poem was written for Poets United Wonder Wednesday which asked us to write a "guess where" poem giving clues of a place which we would love to visit right now.  I

'd actually like to delay my trip until January and then go to this place for a month or so, but where am I talking about? 

I'll tell you the location through another poem on Friday.

PS - my daughter Rachel was watching me write this poem and started writing her own which sites put on her blog, please go visit major love of film and support her poem, she's only 7.

A Greek Meze

More hummus Emma?
That'd be great
Please pass the tatziki and pita.

I adore this moussaka
I love the feta
A Greek salad would be nothing without.

Do you hear that music?
Fancy a dance?
Yes please, do I have to smash a plate?

Of course you don't
Come, follow me
Just do what I do, let yourself go

More Retzina, or ouzo
What do you fancy?
Cherry brandy is more up my street

Whatever you'd like
But remember the hike
Back down the hill to the hotel


This poem was written for the prompt from the poet companions: "You are sitting at this table. Who are you talking to? What are you saying?". 

The photo is of a place in Texas, but to me it speaks of the Greek island and it is there where this poem is set.

Christmas cake

Started in the autumn
Regularly steeped with rum
Christmas cake's an institution
I learnt from my mum

As a child I didn't like all
The cherries and the rind
But now I appreciate both
I'd never leave them behind

Covered in a layer of marzipan
Nice and thick is great
Before smothering in pure white icing
Looks like heaven on a plate

Mum always made a snow scene
With trees and holly leaves
I prefer the nativity tableau
Perfect for Christmas eve


This poem was written for the Christmas food prompt by Mary at poetry jam.  It recalls Christmas cakes that I remember through my life.  The photo is of the nativity cake I've made for this year.

As for a recipe for a Christmas cake, for me it has to be Delia; no one else is quite right.  Here is Delias classic Christmas cake recipe

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

In the company of grandmothers

Today I was with a group of mothers
All much older than me
Some are great grandmothers
They've wrinkles on wrinkles to see

I led them in our carol concert
Hearing scripture about Jesus' birth
Raising the roof with their praise filled singing
Of carols they sing with great mirth

As I looked out across those women
I saw experience and love through time
It made me feel humble and privileged
To know them in a life like mine

They teach me about waiting it out
About how now isn't always to be
They show me that everything passes
That one day I'll look back and see

In the company of those grandmothers
I knew I had much to be learned
And better still was the knowledge
That they will stop me getting burned

If you have the chance to do likewise
I'd encourage you to spend time with some
Older women much like these whom I know
They'll help you be a much better mum


This poem was prompted by the Wednesday prompt at writers digest "in the company of ..."