Saturday, 30 March 2013

Do not disturb

Do not disturb
Tiny grass is dreaming
Cuddling daisies

Do not disturb
Soil being strengthened
Worms at work

Do not disturb
Granddaughters playground
Growing from acorn

Do not disturb
March is underway
Ants processing


A friend posted this image on Facebook and neither of us know where it originates but I hope they don't mind me using it as my haiku muse.

He is risen

Three days ago
He died on the cross
We did nothing
Just stood and watched
In those days
We've cried and wept
For what we've lost
And all our regrets

And now, today
On visiting the tomb
Mary found
An empty room
Jesus gone
Who took him away?
Mary left
She couldn't stay

As she left
A man she saw
Spoke to her
Told her all
"He is risen"
This she says
That man was Jesus
It was him she met

Jesus died
This we knew
But now he's back
For me and you
Today is joy
For one and all
Mankind is saved
For ever more


This poem came about in prayer this evening as I was pondering that first Easter day as a disciple.


It is done
He is gone
We are waiting
We must live on


Between good Friday and Easter day we wait as the disciples waited.  We know the good news to come, yet there is learning in this waiting each year.

Persecuted UK Christians

Let's get this straight
Christians in the UK
Are about as persecuted
As salmon swimming upstream

We're not!!!!
We're just on a different path

Thursday, 28 March 2013

Maundy Thursday

Today is the Maundy
The day to remember
Jesus and his disciples
Sharing the last supper

Before they shared bread
Or drank wine together
Jesus washed all their feet
He cleansed them forever

Peter reacted
With pure constination
"You can't wash my feet
I am YOUR servant"

But Jesus insisted
"This I do for you"
Accept what I offer
Then do to others anew

When all feet were washed
The last meal was shared
Jesus spoke of his death
But they were not prepared

Today in our churches
Thru action we remember
The commandment of Jesus
To love one another


Here are some posts I've previously written on Maundy Thursday:
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John 13:1-7

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

The passion of Christ

The crowd are loud. 
The priests are angry. 
The rulers are confused. 
The disciples are scared.
He prays.

Jesus is calm.
Jesus is accepting.
Jesus is quiet.

The cross is given.
Back and arms take the strain.
The distance grows ever longer.
He walks.

Jesus is calm.
Jesus is accepting.
Jesus is quiet.

The feet are bare.
The road is rough.
The crowds look on.
The cross is so heavy.
He falls.

Jesus is calm.
Jesus is accepting.
Jesus is quiet.

The walk continues.
The cross never leaves.
His mother steps out from the crowd.
He loves her.

Jesus is calm.
Jesus is accepting.
Jesus is quiet.

A man is chosen.
Simon will help him.
One man represents everyone.
He accepts help.

Jesus is calm.
Jesus is accepting.
Jesus is quiet.

They arrive.
The walk is done.
The humiliation continues.
The clothes are taken and divided.
He ignores it all.

Jesus is calm.
Jesus is accepting.
Jesus is quiet.

Jesus is nailed to the cross.
Through his hands.
Through his feet.
The pain is unbelievable.
He knows this pain is the end.

Jesus is calm.
Jesus is accepting.
Jesus is quiet.

Then ....
Jesus cries out.
Jesus cries out to God.

And ....
It is done.
Jesus dies.


This is The Passion.
This is more than a story.
This is everything and more.

For more information about the passion please visit some of my previous posts:
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Jesus meets his mother
Simon carries the cross
Jesus is stripped naked
Jesus is nailed to the cross
Jesus dies

Enjoying the unusual

Every normal day we're

But whilst recovering, today is

No rush
For school

No check
The clock

Together we're just

An unusual day
A healing day
A special day

Tonight I dare to

For more
Of these unusual days

(but without the sickness)


Inspired by today and linked up at poetry jam

Holi celebration of colours

Sickness strikes
So here we hide
Raid the cupboards
See what's inside

We find a kit
Of coloured sands
Lay them down
In waving bands

Though we're sick
We still enjoy
All the colours
Of rainbow joy


Inspired by the festival of colours 'Holi' celebrated in India today, thanks to Vaishali


Outside my window
Endless depths of darkness
No moonlight tonight


Linked up at carpe diem where we were writing about moon haze, but I couldn't see any; and at real toads where we have 50 words to describe what's scary outside the window.

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Here, there and everywhere

Right now, there's love
It won't ever go away
Eternity born


I love you here
I'll love you everywhere
I loved you there


These haiku inspired by the lyrics by The Beatles are linked up at Carry On Tuesday.

Nothing like me

I look in the mirror
And what do I see?
There is a reflection
But it's nothing like me

The smile doesn't look right
How can it be there
When inside I'm suffering
Overwhelming despair

The posture is confident
Yet inside my head
I know I'm a failure
And should hide away instead

So what does this tell me?
This image I see
Which one is real?
Outside or inner me


Inspired by the art provided at The Mag
Not to be reproduced by RenĂ© Magritte 


Spring Lanterns
Float gently on light breezes
Light the darkest days


Linked up at Carpe Diem

Haru Ta

Rice soothes tummy
Purest form of energy
Spring Paddy Fields


Rachel is off school sick with a stomach bug today and I've been feeding her toast, rice and bananas to ease her back into food.  Seeing this prompt for spring paddy fields seemed to tie in nicely.

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Palm Sunday

Highest Hosanna
Celebration of our king
On donkey riding

On donkey riding
Palm fronds laid on the ground
Cheering all around

Cheering all around
Expectations running high
They don't know he'll die


This haiku is linked up at one single impression as a moment in time; at real toads as a roar from my heart; at haiku heights as an example of the optimal fortitude; and Sunday scribblings as an example of religious energy.

Saturday, 23 March 2013


dreaming of spring
carpets of blossom haze
pink warmth

awake to winter
carpets of fresh snowfall
white freeze


linked up at carpe diem

Weeping Cherry

Cherry Blossom
Covered in snowflakes
Weeping for spring


Yes, I'm writing haiku for spring and yet we've got snow, this pretty much sums it up.
Linked up at Carpe Diem.

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Haru Higan (Spring Equinox)

Visiting graves
Tending flowers with love
Paying respects


Observing garden
Desperately waiting for buds
Spring gone missing


Turning point
End of winter's pain


Linked up at carpe diem.
The daffodils are from mothers day, our garden ones aren't flowering yet.

Reaction to ++Justin inaugural sermon

Pomp and circumstance
Surprisingly relevant
Hope for the future

A modern priest
Leading the Church of England
And all Anglicans

Called to find a way
Together through big issues
Keeps us relevant

God at the centre
Jesus as the leader
Holy spirit led


Read the actual inaugural sermon by archbishop Justin Welby

This poem is linked up at poets united.

Monday, 18 March 2013

Onitsura's Valley Stream

Trickling slowly
Washing pebbles clean and bright
Shower for minnows


Flowing gently
Polishing stones shiny
Salmon egg nest site


Raging violently
Throwing rocks against each other
Fish obstacle course


Linked up at carpe diem.
When I was writing these haiku I kept getting images from the book "Salmon fishing in the Yemen".  The picture is from the film of the book.

Saturday, 16 March 2013

Parading parades

I know it sounds miserable
I know you will frown
But I'm not really into
Parades in small towns

They're always too kitsch
With amateur lobbed in
The music is painful
Brass bands making a din

Don't get me started
On the pageantry side
"Oh isn't she beautiful"
Yes, on the outside

The only parades which
I've ever enjoyed
Are those done by Disney
With actors employed

And those only sometimes
When I'm in the right mood
Other times they drive me crazy
And I come across as rude

Of course if Rachel ever wanted
To join in with a parade
I'd change my mind pretty pronto
And love the masquerade


Inspired by Kay and her prompt about parades for the real toads Sunday challenge.  I sound like a right grouch but it's just that parades usually incorporate three things I don't like:
1. Bad music
2. Crowds
3. Queuing for hours

Hatsu hana

Waiting, watching
The buds emerge and bloom
Spring has arrived


Our favourite tree
On our anniversary
Rains confetti


LLM calling
Background and theme colour
Hope, joy and beauty


Linked up at carpe diem

Negotiate Peace

Let's sit down
Talk through all the issues
Negotiate peace

Find our common ground
Compromise on differences
Negotiate peace

Admit our mistakes
Find ways to do it right now
Negotiate peace

Create a system
United Nations together
Negotiate peace


This poem was inspired by the photo and linked up at sepia Saturday.  The photo was taken on the 17th July 1945 at the Potsdam Conference which brought together the leaders of the USA, Britain and the Soviet Union following the end of the War in Europe.

Pride before a fall

Over she topples
Grazed knees and cut elbows
Less sore than her pride

New to ice skating
Wishing she'd tried as a child
Less far to fall then

In youth we learn
In age we understand
Pride before a fall


Linked up at carry on Tuesday.


At last they arrive
Heralding summer warmth
Making home with us

Repairing with mud
Prepared for their arrivals
Expectant parents

We wait as they wait
We celebrate together
New life emerges

Each morning now breaks
With cheeps of hungry mouths
Parents so busy

We give our gifts
Nuts, seeds, fat and fruit
Our thanks for them


Linked up at carpe diem.  My gran's home had swallows visit for decades and it was always exciting to see them arrive.

Friday, 15 March 2013

Faith meets fear

Bethlehem carving
Buried deep inside, ready
Held in hopeful prayer

Lifted from the fear
Transported into pure love
Yet with no movement

Fingers move slightly
Attracted to the painful
My heart skips a beat

Pain floods through again
Words remembered forever
Weigh me down once more


This was written for the following prompt at real toads:

Imagine you hold a bag which contains two objects: one which can heal and one which can harm. Only you may identify these two objects through touch, texture, shape-recognition and imaginative exploration. Which object would you withdraw first? Does the good out-weigh the bad, or is harm something that cannot be prevented? Use one of these two items as the starting point of your poem and move towards the other in conclusion. It is up to you whether you will begin with the healing or harmful thing. Lastly, the hidden objects may be either real or abstract. 

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Reasons to be cheerful #r2bc

Although I'm still quite ill
And my depression isn't gone
I've many reasons to be cheerful
This is list is surprisingly long

I'm thankful for my husband
For all the support he gives
Even when we're arguing
Because I'm tricky to live with

I'm thankful for my daughter
For understanding about me
Although it can curtail her
She stays pretty happy

I'm thankful for my friends
Who keep walking alongside
They must wish I'd pull it together
Or go away and hide

I'm thankful for the sunshine
Bringing warmth to us today
For the newly growing garden
And the fun of outside play

I'm thankful for God's company
Through all life's ups and downs
Knowing I'm never really alone
Helps me smile instead of frown


Linked up at reasons to be cheerful.

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

My one big mistake

I made but one mistake in life
To be careful with my hugs


It was early in my life
That I learned to protect myself
To not let anyone close
I'd just let them see enough

I kept them at arms length
Never close enough to know
All that was inside me
Or where sometimes I would go

I'd shake hands or wave hello
Hugs were for others to share
I'd watch them and wonder why
They'd be so close without a care

That pattern was soon entrenched
A mistake I held onto tight
Although I didn't know it then
In the long and lonely nights

In being so over careful
I never allowed love in
Those hugs were gifts to enjoy
Not something threatening


Three word Wednesday provided mistake, hug and careful.  The first two line poem came to mind immediately but I decided it was cheating to write something so short, so I went away and produced the rest.

Gender equality

I'm no feminist
It's not an issue for me
I just want

Women and men
Are basically the same
On everything

I've spent my life
Working alongside men
With no obvious

I know I've been lucky
That many others aren't
But it's also

I'm the lucky generation
Enjoying rewards of feminists
I just hope things
Keep improving

So I do my bit
Even though this isn't much
I keep demanding


I haven't written anything for international women's day, mostly because I find it insulting that we need one day a year - why can't we all celebrate everyone equally all year long? But today poets United challenged us to write about women, so this is my take.

Stealing the sun 

Peruse the sketch
Upon your screen
My tiny sapling
In March grows green

With no snowberry 
Or thorns to protect it
It uses adaptations
To grow tall and fit

Although in shallow earth
In an indigo pot
It's happy as in a meadow
Avoiding ivy knots

As it becomes elder
Tawny twigs will grow
Clustered on the fence
Shunning any shadow

One day I'll see that
It's now stout-stemmed
That in stealing the sun
It's twisted at the end
But no bergamot fruit
Will grow on my tree
Through zigzag stems
Apples will be ready to leave
Upon that day
I patiently wait
For that apple crop
In their sun sweet state

Linked up at real toads where we were challenged to write a poem with words from The Book of Wild Flowers (National Geographic Society, 1924) from which the photo came.

Waltzing Words

Would you like
To dance with
Me right now
To this waltz?

I've been here
Watching you
Who you are

Please say yes
We can dance
All night long
If you like

After that
Perhaps we
Could have a
Moonlit walk

I know that
I would like
To marry
But no rush

Time will pass
I will wait
For your heart
To meet mine

Fall in love
So that we'll
Always dance

When old we
Will dance still
Thinking of
This night here

Would you like
To dance with
Me right now
To this waltz?


Poetry jam challenged us to write a poem inspired by dance.  This poem was my childhood dream.  I've never waltzed with Mike I'm a ballroom but we waltz through life together.


Pure white carpet
Perfect when newly laid
Brightens winter day


Dirty slushy mess
Perfection defrosted
Time for clear up


Linked up at carpe diem

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Awaiting summer impatiently

It's spring, apparently
But it's not here yet really
Being only March and rather snowy
There's very little greenery

Daffodil bulbs are sprouting
New leaf shoots are budding
But underground is all the growing
So nothing's really showing

Whilst counting the next few weeks
Waiting impatiently on summer heat
And blooms full of scent so sweet
I enjoy these flowers,  bunched so neat


Linked up at theme Thursday

Who has the monopoly?

"Let's play monopoly"
Comes the rallying cry
Everyone gathers round the table
Ready to win (or die)

It starts off pretty friendly
Just some groping for the car
Eventually everyone has their piece
No one had the iron bar

Roads are bought quite quickly
Some are transferred between
Houses are built around the place
Who'll win remains to be seen

Suddenly it turns brutal
Two players left at the board
Both determined to win, until...
They land somewhere they can't afford


Linked up at three word Wednesday

Wave goodbye

It's time to leave
Until tomorrow
Just one more kiss
I really must go

  But it's been so nice
  Don't leave so soon
  I'll miss you when you go
  Stay, there's room

No, I have to leave
But I'll be back quick
Don't ask so much
You know I can't stick

  But here I'm stuck
  Whilst you come and go
  It's so frustrating
  Do you even try to know?

Do you even try to feel
What it's like to keep on?
Going here and there
You think it's all fun

   You waves are the kings
   Going as you please
   Leaving us behind
   There'll be no reprieve

I give up, you won't change
You pebbles so stubborn
This is why it won't work
It causes us all frustration

   Wave goodbye then
   Don't hesitate
Bye my pebble
Thanks for the date

A poem inspired by the image and linked up at Magpie Tales.

One million Syrian refugees @tearfund

What a number
Nothing to celebrate
Too many people
With an uncertain fate

One million people
Men, women, children
Left their homes
Taken nothing with them

Their country in turmoil
Driven from their homes
Left Syria behind
Now Jordan's where they roam

No water
No heating
No food
No medical care
No money
No security
No hope
Does anyone care?

Situation getting worse
Each and every day
You can make a difference
There is an easy way

Pray for all these people
That their country comes to peace
That they find somewhere to live
And each day have enough to eat

Give money if you can
To aid agencies on the ground
Tearfund needs your help
They'll fairly share it around

I can't believe one million
People have no home
We need to act to help them
I'm off now to pick up the phone


This poem is written in response to the horrific news that the Syrian refugee crisis has developed much quicker than expected.  Three months before it was anticipated there are one million registered refugees according to the UNHCR. 

Please help in any way you can:
Give online
Give by phone 0845 355 8355
Share this poem online
Tell your friends about the crisis

Monday, 11 March 2013


Climbing castle walls
Perfumed decorations
Gifts for a princess


Bridal bouquet
Hope for future springs
Sweet scent of love


Graveside beauty
Grown from heartache's tears
Love's reminder


Linked up at carpe diem

Lines of conversation

Can you hear me?

     How can I help?

I was just feeling lonely
Just wanted to reach out

     I'm always here waiting
     Why did you leave it so long?

I don't know really
You just seemed so, so....

     Far away?


     But I'm not, you know
     I'm always here for you

Are you?  Always?
Even when it's been ages?

     Yes, always, I'm waiting for you
     It's so great to hear from you

What happens now?

     Whatever you want
     Do you want to ask me anything?

Not really, it's just great to speak
To know you're still there


Bye then

     Speak soon


This is inspired by the photo taken by bifocal univision.

Sunday, 10 March 2013

Kitten all grown up

He thinks he's all grown up now
That he can leave home anytime
He doesn't realise he's tiny
He thinks outside he will be fine
After some exploring
He comes back home to us
Curls up in big cats comfy bed
Doesn't think it through enough


Yes, Tommy had decided that he's all grown up now.  He far to confidently went outside and explored the back garden; luckily he realised it was a good idea to come home. But then before we knew it he was curled up in Sid's bed asleep; he's lucky Sid was upstairs at the time and never saw him there.  I'm a nervous wreck looking after my far too confident kitten.

Fixer upper

It's a fixer upper
Needs a new body really
But if you look through the window
You can see fearsome potential

Reserves are limited
Outsiders will partly finance
But I've written to some debtors
Hoping they'll pay away

There'll be some painting sprees
If you want to get intimately acquainted
But once it's all completed
I'd love you to come be my joint user


Linked up at The Sunday Whirl where the words which inspired the poem were provided.


Cherry blossom
Blue tits seeking snacks

Tranquil waters
Iridescent hues
Smooth as blown glass

Glass pebbles thrown
Skim, bounce then dive home
Into tranquil depths

Depths of peacefulness
Silently shake branches
Of cherry blossom


Linked up at carpe diem.


Shivers are rising
I can't control them
Pray away anger

       Pray away anger
       Receive calm tranquility
       Leave it at the cross

              Leave it at the cross
              Never sleep on arguments
              Make your peace again

                     Make your peace again
                     Put all crosses away
                     Except the real one


This poem is in response to the prompt I've provided at one single impression.

This river

This river
With its ebbs and flows

This river
Looks peaceful on surface

This river
Busy on a Sunday

This river
Sometimes threatening

This river
Older than time

This river
Dirty with pollution
At own

This river
Life blood of community


This poem is inspired by the photograph provided at sepia Saturday.


Flapping of plumage
Desperately needing release
Humane yet sad

(A memory of my dad having to put a peasant out of its misery after being hit by a car.)


Pecking around
Amongst the meadow grass
Hiding from guns


Dull brown hens
Sitting patiently hatching
Colourful cocks


Christmas dinner
Full of other poultry
Really tasty lunch


Linked up at carpe diem

At the crossroads

I'm standing at the crossroads
No idea which way to go
Both ways seem quite scary
But I can't go back, oh no

Which option do I choose?
Which way do I roam?
Over here is ordinary
But there is so unknown

If only there was a guidebook
A guarantee of what comes next
Then the choices would be easy
I'd know where to direct my steps

Instead I'll have to take risk
Unsure of what's to be done
I'll take the route that feels most right
And deal with whatever comes


Linked up at carry on Tuesday

Mum: best job in the world

I might get exhausted
I might shout some days
But it's worth all the aggro
To have you here today

To be woken each morning
To be chef of all meals
Is sometimes quite boring
But there's upsides to the deal

There are kisses and cuddles
Notes of all sorts
Seeing you develop
Just like you ought

I never imagined
How great this job would be
It's the best in the world
Because you're everything to me

Mothers Day #silentsunday

One photo
No words
Loads of love