Monday, 29 February 2016

I've lost 12 bags of sugar

Eight weeks
On a healthier plan
Doing OK

No white sugar
Lots more vegetables
Fish, water, fruit

Energy is up
But no changes in pain
Not yet anyway

And it's easy
Never going back to

Or dairy
Those things were
Killing me

Eight weeks in
I'm quite adjusted
Habits changed

No cravings
Making healthy choices
As much as I can

Today, scales say
Lost over twelve bags
Of sugar, cool!

Treasured Moments Linky

In February 2015, four months after I lost most of my eye sight,
I wrote a poem which flowed from the soul.
It made me realise how important it is to treasure the special moments in life.

That is how the #TreasuredMoments linky started.

Today the prompt, if you choose to use it, is Love.
After all what better theme for great moments.

Come and link up your #TreasuredMoments blog post 
and meet others who are treasuring every moment they can.

MS Calling

Saturday, 27 February 2016

Eight years #TreasuredMoments #micropoetry #haiku

Eight years
In a blink of an eye

Into preschool happily
Great memory

Great memory
Reminds me to trust

Changes in our lives

This weekend whilst
She's on cub camp

She's on cub camp
Never would have thought
I'll encourage

I'll encourage
Every new experience
She can seize

She can seize
Life and make it hers

I'll be cheering her on
Love her

Love her
Even more every day
No limits


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Friday, 26 February 2016

Blindness Blessings #poetry #micropoetry #diets #beauty #advertising

Blessings everywhere
You just have to look for them
Even when blind

Adverts can annoy 
Especially diet ones
Sucking us in

Size 16 is not
Really overweight
Get perspective

And fashion ads
Weird definitions
Of beauty

It's a devils dance
Selling the impossible
For majority

But now I'm blind
They can't touch me the same
Self esteem increase

Yes, that's right
I feel better about me
Now I can't see

I am celebrating the #TreasuredMoments in life
and would love you to link up your posts about times you don't ever want to forget each week.

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How to pin an important post on blogger #blog #howto #poetry

I don't know about you, but I'm often forgetting the things I used to know about blogger.  Today one of the things I had to relearn was how to pin an important post to the top of my blog.  After a load of mistaken clicks and failures I thought I'd share how to do it; both so I can find it when I need it again and because I can't be the only one who doesn't remember how.

Why pin a post?
I decided it would be good to have my "TreasuredMoments linky post as the first one seen; making it easier for people to find when they land at MS Calling.  You might have a post about why you blog, or an update on something going on for you, or perhaps a sponsored post which you'd like to have higher profile.

How to pin a post?
1. Go to the dashboard for your blog on Blogger.
This is where you go to approve comments or edit posts or see blog stats
Shown below

2. Select Posts and find the blog post you would like to pin
Shown above

3. Select Edit on the blog post you want to pin
You might need to hover your mouse over the post title to show the edit link
Shown below

4. Select Published Date
This is within Post Settings on the right side of the screen
See below
5. Choose the Date to the last date you wish the post to be pinned
This doesn't immediately make logical sense
But believe me, it is the way it works
I have selected the day before the next "TreasuredMoments linky goes live
See below

6. Click Done below the calendar
This will confirm the date you have chosen

7. Click Update at the top of the page
The post of your choice will now be pinned to the top of your blog until the date you selected

Seven easy steps
One post pinned
At the top of your blog
Easy as pie
I hope that's helped
Bye for Now

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Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Wokingham BC Young Carers Failure #haiku #MSWarrior #Blind

Hi there
We're looking for help
For our girl

She helps me out
Every single day, in
Many ways

We're hoping
You can give her time
And some fun

Looking forward
To hearing from you

But no
That's not working
No response

Email bounce
From the address online
No help at all

Thanks a lot
From us and our girl
Council fail!


I must update
Since I wrote this poem
They've been in touch

And come to see
Me and my girl and
Voila, help

No more fail
Now we have success

Fan the flames #mspoetry #haiku #micropoetry

Cat sat
On trampoline
Lady and Tramp

Lady and Tramp
That cat's no lady
Fan the flames

Fan the flames
We caught you out
Cheeky cat

Cheeky cat
Bouncing around
Then still

Then still
When we try to video
Cat sat

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Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Curvaceous #MSPoetry #micropoetry #haiku

Beating rapidly

Waddling awkwardly
That's me

Time #haikuchallenge @baffled #mswarrior #spoonie #micropoetry

Sliver of Time
Before Energy Decline
Body of Mine

This was inspired by the prompt by @baffled
Can you guess which word was the prompt?

Do you take photos or write poems to remind yourself of those special times?
Come and link up with your #TreasuredMoments

Frozen #writtenriver #haiku #micropoetry #chronicpain #fatigue #spoonies

Sudden Storm
caught unawares

no more steps possible
Sudden Storm

Art by Mary C Farrenkopf
Do you take photos or write poems to remind yourself of those special times?
Come and link up with your #TreasuredMoments

Spill #haiku #micropoetry @V0Ella @v0etry

Blind and wobbly
Always spilling my load
All over the place

Do you take photos or write poems to remind yourself of those special times?
Come and link up with your #TreasuredMoments

Affinity #sensewrds #micropoetry #haiku

Not forever, that's

Do you take photos or write poems to remind yourself of those special times?
Come and link up with your #TreasuredMoments

Salt Garden #botaiku #haiku
Salt garden
Growing without life
Crystal clear

Do you take photos or write poems to remind yourself of those special times?
Come and link up with your #TreasuredMoments

Treasure every moment #poetry #blind #love #treasuredmoments #photo

Treasure every moment
Every little thing
Every sight you see
Every word you sing
One day
Far away
It will be
Just a memory
To recall
And re-see

Treasure every beautiful thing
Every bird in the tree
Every flower in bloom
Every joy you see
You might
One day
Loose sight
And then that
So important
It will be

L.O.V.E #40acts #lent #haiku #micropoetry #pointshoot

Love means a lot of different things to different people. It might look like hanging up the bathroom towels after you use them, instead of leaving them on the floor. It might look like a special surprise. It might look like a day spent in someone's company. It might just be a pat on the back and a smile. But each of us is built to give and receive love. It's a basic need. So give it to someone today.

Today means being
Really silly

Really silly
Getting Dressed Silently 
Dad surprise

Dad surprise
Make Rachel giggle

My girl, such beauty
And smart

And smart
Means more to me than

Means less than hard working
That she is

That she is
At everything she tries

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Cuppa #micropoetry #haiku #snaphappybritmums #mswarrior

Here's my cuppa
Not quite what you thought?
Healthy start

Healthy start
Full of vitamins
Sets me up

Sets me up
Gets me set for the day
That's my cuppa


I haven't really blogged about my dietary changes for ages, mainly because they don't feel like changes any more, they're just life. 

It's going well and I've gained energy and lost weight which is all good.

I've tried a bit of gluten and it doesn't seem to make any difference to my pain or other MS symptoms. But dairy, on the other hand, is definitely a factor.  After a slurp of milk I suffered for three days. So bye bye dairy.

Monday, 22 February 2016

Sunday, 21 February 2016

#40acts #lent #micropoetry

These are the #40acts for the second week of Lent which I've been doing but not managing to blog about.  Here's a brief run down of what's happened.

I love food
I love people
Put the two together
But my diet is limited
And my sight depletes my skills
So I feed only my family
But invite friends round for take away
That counts, right?

Cupboard love
My house is full
Of loads of stuff
Most I love
But lots, not so much
So I followed the prompt
And started a clear out
But got distracted
By memories
And only managed
To donate a few things
To charity
And some to friends
It's a start

All ears
Aunt Emma
Agony aunt
It's got a ring
But that I'm not
However I
Am happy to listen
To anyone
About any problem
And this week
Much like all others
I've listened to friends
And also to brothers

Dirty cash
I don't earn
But what I have
I give away
To a charity or two
In fact to four
Three for kids
And just one more
For mental health
It's touched me so
And if I ever
Earn my keep
In monetary ways
I'll give some more
But until then
I give my time
30 hours a week
At last check
Does that count?
Government don't think so
But I think God
And that's my aim
So I went feel shame

Dial up
Ring ring
Are you there God
Ring ring
I'm calling for prayer
For my friends
And my relations
For my colleagues
And other stations
I'm praying through
My well drawn circles
Please be with them
Over all their hurdles

Spur on
I love to build people up
Hate to see them feel sad
But I don't like it back
It makes me feel weird

Celebrate #rethinkchurch #lent #haiku #micrpoetry

God's invitation
We welcome you

Our invitation
We welcome you

Live #rethinkchurch #lent #haiku #micropoetry

Live wild
Let you hair go

Love #rethinkchurch #lent #haiku #micropoetry

Three of us
A family complete
Selfie of love

Refuge #rethinkchurch #lent #haiku #micropoetry

Come in
A hot meal is ready
Take refuge

Don't worry
We'll take care of you
This is refuge

A refuge in a crisis
Open every day


This is the Church in Reading drop in centre for the homeless.  What an amazing mission.

Thursday, 18 February 2016

Go #rethinkchurch #lent

God says go
Do not hide in fear
Follow me

Follow me
God has much for you to do
Keep believing

Keep believing
That God has plans for you
Don't stop!

Mighty #rethinkchurch #lent

I will carry you

Climb aboard

You're no great weight

This series of haiku speak to me about this photo but also about how God is carrying me.

Settle #rethinkchurch #lent

Rachel and a book
Contentment for hours
Relax, settle down

Lent can be hard
It's not all about action
God will settle us

8am #snaphappybritmums

His patience has gone

Meow meow
Come on, get out of bed
Give me water

Family #snaphappybritmums

This is our life
Family no matter what

New #snaphappybritmums

Toy I remember
Now Rachel has one too
Creative fun

Spots #snaphappybritmums

Only you mum
No matter how ill you are
I love you

This is a haiku of a beautiful thing Rachel said to me as she gave me this love heart.  I've printed this photo to remind me not to be so hard on myself as I struggle with coming to terms with all my health changes.  This is a spot of joy which I'll be holding onto.

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Fighting for our kids futures #youngmindsmatter

HRH Duchess of Cambridge this morning launched the #youngmindsmatter as guest editor of The Huff Post UK.  I was inspired to write haiku poems for over 20 of the articles which were released and tweeted them through the morning.

If you'd like to read them then please visit LLM Calling to read my thoughts about kids and their mental health.

Fighting for our kids futures #youngmindsmatter #haiku #poetry

This morning the Huff Post UK guest edited by HRH The Duchess of Cambridge, launched a focus on mental health issues in our kids and young people entitled #youngmindsmatter

I joined in the launch with retweeting important articles with haiku which they inspired.  Here are the haiku poems I wrote over the hour of launch.

Mental health first
Grades can always be improved

Anxious children
Deserve good counselling

Bereaved children
Need support and compassion

This campaign matters
Children are our future

Talk with your kids
About how they are feeling

Don't ignore their pain
It could ruin their lives

Social media
It's 13 for a reason

Shame vs healing
Parents be proud to say

You're not on your own
Caring people will help you

£1 in childhood
Saves thousands later on

Fund Counsellors
Let kids be heard and helped

Comparing body shapes
As young as 6 years old

NHS info
But no funding for care

Not just statistics
These are children dieing

Care for your child
Don't mind what anyone thinks

What do we value?
Happiness should come first

Protecting the kids
Estrangement can be required

A whole village
Who don't judge each other

No one heard me
Ten years therapy needed

Lots don't wait
Waiting time feels forever

Spot danger signs
Better safe than sorry

Old Trafford full
Yr7 kids who need help

Self harm isn't
Something to be ignored

If you'd like to see these linked to the articles they refer to then visit my twitter page @emmuk74

As you might realise, I am some what passionate about looking after the mental health of our young people and I pray that this campaign will encourage more services for their care and more openness about the issues and how to deal with them.

Tuesday, 16 February 2016

RonovanWrites #HaikuChallenge #84

Glass and half milk
Mix with love until smooth
Which Chocolate?

This week the Ronovan Writes Haiku Challenge reached 
#84 with the words Milk and Smooth

Monday, 15 February 2016

Gluten, dairy & sugar free brownies #friends #poetry

This is a little story
About friendship ultimate
This friend knew my love of cake
But understood my need for health
She saw that I was trying
To be oh so very good
And she went above
And beyond
To do the best
She could
To make me cake
My diet plan was stringent
No dairy or gluten at all
No sugar, except maple or honey
No sweetener, not even small
She scoured all over the internet
No corner left unsearched
And she found a promising recipe
But it ended up tasting like earth
Did she give up trying
No, she wouldn't give in
She found another recipe
Which also went in the bin
But on her third attempt
By which point any one else would have stopped
She found a complete success
And look at what I got
Brownies oh so yummy
Soft and gooey too
I never guessed what they're made of
And I bet you won't do too
Black beans, yes black beans
And maple syrup to be sweet
Cocoa powder for chocolate
And oats go in the mix
A few other small ingredients
But what really goes beyond
Is the chocolate chips from America
Of my friend I'm very fond
This is a little story
About friendship so complete
She made me these yummy brownies
Because she's so fabulously sweet.

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Family Fever

On the buses #micropoetry #selfie #haiku

Bus selfie
Had lots of fun in town
Homeward bound


On the buses
With disability card
Friendly drivers


Rach and me
Spending pocket money
Quite a haul


Folding scooter
Confidence restored
No failure


With my girl
A fabulous guide
What a team

Eyes wide #micropoetry #haiku

To life with a blind mum
Make it a game

Out shopping
Who's really in charge


School letters
Trust her to be honest
Proud of her


But also now young


Guide dog
Pray I'll be selected
Release her

Sunday, 14 February 2016

Not butter #haikuwordgame #MSWarrior

"Not butter
Dairy is a dirty word!"
I steamed

This haiku, based on real life with my overcoming MS eating plan, is in response to the haikuwordgame which provided the words:

Every day new with MS #micropoetry #haiku #mswarriors

MS symptoms
Multiply then wane
Every day new

Blogged in response to the haiku challenge by @baffled

Micropoetry for #juniordoctors #juniorcontract #medicalvalentines

Last night I was checking Twitter before bed and saw lots of poems with the following hashtags:


Well what better wind down activity could there be before bed than writing a few of my own knowing that it might add to their campaign. 

Junior Doctors, these are for you.  I'm behind you 100% for all you do to keep the NHS going so we all have access to free health care at the point of treatment.

Roses are red
Doctors are blue
They're not valued by Tories
But are, by me and you

Roses are red
Jeremy Hunt's blue
Junior doctors would treat him
They deserve a thank you

Rashes are red
Asphyxia is blue
We know that you'll be there
We're so grateful to you

When I'm bleeding red
What else would I do
Than go to A&E
Get stitched up by you