Tuesday, 26 January 2021

Update: blog out of date due to Covid

I just thought I should put a quick update up since the I've not been able to keep LLM Calling updated with all my poetry and artwork.  

The reason: Covid which has become Long Covid.

I am today 12 weeks into my journey with Covid 19 and I still can't sit up for long enough to speak for long or deal with computer work.  Sadly this means there's all sorts of creativity which isn't making it here - yet.

However.... I'm using what little energy I have to write poetry and create digital artwork every day.  It's a great form of prayer, mindfulness, processing of emotions, political ranting and just generally exploring life and. faith.

I am sharing everything I am creating on social media.  


The best place to see what I'm creating is probably Instagram where you can find me @emmuk74

You'll also see me tweeting @emmuk74

Sharing new Little Guy creations on the Facebook page at Little Guy; Journey of Hope.

Plus I share a lot of my creations publically on Facebook. 

I hope to be back soon, until then please say hi somewhere on social media.