Monday, 18 July 2011

Light of the world Sunday school session

It is the end of the year and we have come to the end of the Old Testament.

Through this year we have learned about God's work of creation; His calling of people like Joah and Moses and Joseph to listen to him; and seen how small people like Daniel, Jonah and Esther can make a massive difference in the world with God's help.

To celebrate coming to the end of the Old Testament and to look forward to September when we'll start the New Testament we are going to decorate lanterns today.

These are a symbol of light.
Light is very important in the old and new testaments.  

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In creation God gave light.  And in lots of places in the old testament people talk about God being light.

Next year we'll look at the new testament; the books telling about Jesus and his life and the starting of the church.  Jesus said he was "the light of the world" and he told his disciples to take his light into the world.

So today when we take our lanterns into the world we are carrying God with us and being the light that Jesus wishes us to be.

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