This is me

Emma, wife to Mike and mum to Rachel (born August 2005).

I was a civil engineer, specialising in value and risk management and facilitation .
Now I am a full time follower of God's calling for me as a Licensed Lay Pioneer Minister.

Motherhood is thanks to a miracle, and it is a blessing everyday.
I first blogged whilst I was pregnant with Rachel and you can see that at LossofBirthControl

The charities I give, and have given, my time to include:
- Kilnsea Pre-school, Earley
- Home Start Wokingham
- Saying Goodbye
- Berkshire Babyloss Support Group
- Miscarriage Association
- Babyloss Awareness Campaign
- REinspired
- Primary School Self Esteem Club
- Time to Change
- Sane
- MS Society
- Jubilee Centre (Zambia)
- World Vision
- Lelt Foundation (Ethopia)
- Save the Children
- TearFund

I minister at St Nicolas Earley, a fantastic parish church who are truly Open to God, Open to the community and Open to each other.  Discover more about our church at our website
If you'd like to know more about Licensed Lay Ministry then please go to the Oxford Diocese website and if you'd like to know more about Pioneer Ministry then visit CMS

My writing is wider than just my blogs; I have had a number of books published over the years, mostly to support charities, you can find these on the "My Books" tab.

In 2015 I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis after 2 years of severe ill health.  The doctors now think that I have been living the RRMS for over 20 years and that MS explains my previous diagnoses of Glandular Fever, ME, CFS, Lupus and Bipolar.  Sadly I was diagnosed too late to receive effective treatment and this led to me loosing my sight in November 2015 and being classified as legally blind in December 2015.   I am blogging my journey with MS at MS Calling.