Saturday, 30 May 2015

the brain has power #zentangle #poetry

Touch, hearing
Sight, reading
The brain has power
To stop me reeling
Yet often it turns
Those skills against me
My mental health
It fails in strength

love is a cross #zentangle #poetry

Love is not only a heart
It is a cross
and me
and everyone who
believes in him
and follows him
in love!

Confusion #zentangle #poetry

Elaborate state
so many thoughts
very few of them straight

Ups and Downs #zentangle #poetry

Ups and Downs
Round abouts
Through all the mess
Love has a shout

Discovery Geology #zentangle #poetry

Life over thousands of years
Discovered in fossils and rocks
Puts our problems in context
Now that's an archaeological shock

Eyes #zentangle #poetry

windows to the soul
see the tangles
make sense of all
don't stp looking
view the truth
feel the warmth
love wins through

me? #zentangle #poetry

If I drew what I do
Would you see this as me?

Music sets the tone #zentangle

Music sets the tone
allows my mind to roam
the heart rules over all
even when I'm feeling small

watching watching #zentangle

Watching watching
eyes all searching
through the tangled ways
falling, lurching

Amazing stone #photo #geology #poetry

Amazing Stone
Rachel found on the beach
Not much on the edge
But there underneath
Like bubbles of lava
But volcanoes weren't here
Not that I know of
Though could have been there