Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Everybody can-can

I can
You can
Everybody can-can

Kick left
Kick right
Keep going all night

Blue slip
Pink hose
Pay for wine through the nose

See me
Queen bee
Don't touch above the knee

Laugh once
Laugh more
Join me on the dance floor

Pay hear
Pay there
Empty wallet's can't stare

Close up
Locked tight
Kicked out into the night

I can
You can
Everybody can-can


Inspired by this painting by toulouse lautrec and linked up at The Mag.


Alternative last cadence:

I can / You can't / Can Everybody can-can? 


Helen said...

You've got rhythm ........ !!!

Jerry E Beuterbaugh said...

No, I had better not... (LOL?)

Helena said...

You do know I just had to put Can Can music to the best of my ability while enjoying this piece! Unashamed entertainment indeed!