Tuesday, 17 December 2013

The first christmas day

Many years ago
In a town called Nazareth
A young girl called Mary was praying

An angel appeared
In the sky above her head
And this is what the angel was saying

"Fear not Mary
Do not be afraid
You're going to have a baby boy

God has chosen you
To be the baby's mum
He'll fill the world with love and joy!"

Soon it was time
For the baby to be born
But they had to go to Bethlehem

They packed up their things
Loaded up a donkey
You'll never guess what happened then

They knocked on the doors
Of every single inn
But each said there wasn't any room

At last they did find
A stable that was free
And THAT is where Jesus was born

On a hill side
Shepherds guarding sheep
Saw a bright light appear in the sky

"Fear not" they heard
From angels over head
"A saviour has been born this night"

They followed from the hill
Into Bethlehem town
To the stable where Jesus did lie

They knelt down in awe
Worshipping the baby boy
They knew a better time was nigh

Far far away
Wise men watching stars
Saw something new that was GREAT

"A king has been born
We must go visit him
Come on, hurry, we're going to be late"

They found little Jesus
An ordinary boy
But they knew he was actually a king

They gave him three gifts
Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh
The greatest gifts, worth everything

This is my tale
Of the first christmas day
I hope you like what I have done

Jesus is love
Born for ALL of us
His joy is for us all, every one.

(c) Emma Major

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