Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Messy Mandala

I was looking at Mandalas when I was planning some worship for Oakwood Forest Church and quickly got intrigued by the many forms they take and how useful they might be in my prayer life.  There is more than enough written about Mandalas generally, even plenty about Christian Mandalas so I won't bother repeating anything; but you can visit my pinterest board to see some I am drawn to.

What amazes me the most is that mandalas are very ordered in their methods of creation and patterning.  They are based around symmetry and reflective design.  They are anything but messy.  And yet they somehow allow my prayer to be messy and real and active and jumpy which is sometimes just what I need.  I guess it's something to do with the safety of mess within a structure of order.

Anyway; after wasting spending a good few hours drawn into the mandala world I thought I would have a go at creating one myself.  Here is the result.  I don't know what it says to you, that's what's so great about them as an aid to prayer; but there's something about the flow of love from Jesus into the world and the power of the Holy Spirit to create, heal and love.

What do you think?
What does it say to you?

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