Sunday, 30 March 2014

Very Black and White

I've always lived my life
In either black or white
I've never enjoyed grey
Never seen the point
The shades I know for some
Give depth of joy within
But I am not like that
It's always white or black

The joy has been the white
A state of blinding light
The depths of sorrow black
Hate thinking of that
But for the down days there
I can live without a care
In days so light and fun
Then I'd run and run

This always has been me
Though some you might not see
The darker days I hid
Kept shut beneath the lid
Most people that I know
Never knew I could be low
But now I'm telling all
I'm standing straight and tall

Bipolar is its name
No fun, it's no great game
But it won't hold be back
You can be sure of that
I'm finding my way through
Into this life a new
Listen as I say
I'm trying to enjoy grey

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