Monday, 30 June 2014

Make God's Kingdom Come #church #God #christianity

Ignore the papers
Turn off the news
We're not declining
Not even a few

All over the planet
The churches still grow
Discovering Jesus
Follow where they go

2.3 billion
Christians in the world
Third of the population
Hearing Jesus' words

Growing every day
By seventy thou
Through Africa, Asia
They're meeting there now

Singing and praising
Holy Spirit in flow
The gospels change lives
Everywhere they go

Many are hurt
Persecuted for faith
Killed and tortured
Vanished without trace

This is reality
Not easy like here
Let's pray for these Christians
That there's no more fear

Until that happens
Let's go out of our homes
Go shout about Jesus
Wherever we roam

No more can we hide
No more hoping they come
We can't rest on our laurels
Make God's kingdom come!

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