Saturday, 4 April 2015

Easter love biscuit #messychurch #craft #church #heisrisen

We made these easter love empty tombs at PPP messy church on Good Friday.  This one was made by a3 year old.  

I could have shared a more "perfect" one with the heart facing the right way and the mini egg just off to the sue as if rolled away.  But the child who made this brought it to me and said

"look Emma, this is the empty tomb. Jesus was in it but he came back to life and he is still alive.  The heart is the love he gives us all"

What more needs to be said, what an amazing expression of what Jesus dogs for us all.

Here are the simple instructions for making this yourself:

- take one rich tea biscuit
- cover in a thick layer of green coloured icing (made with water)
- place a jammie dodger at the back of the biscuit - this is the tomb
- place a mini egg in front of the jammie dodger - this is the tomb stone

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