Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Stop getting angry about Easter eggs

According to the Daily Telegraph Cadbury is removing the word Easter from their Easter eggs. 

This article drives me mad because it raises an issue badly.  After all none of the Cadbury Easter eggs have had Easter on them for years, I don't think.  It's just that they used to make Easter egg hunt packs which now are just egg hunt packs. 

But surely the more important point, which is what The Real Easter Egg from the meaningful chocolate company is trying to get across, is that almost all Easter eggs have no connection with Easter, the Christian festival, at all.  That's why I buy The Real Easter Egg and give it to family members.  As a Christian I make the choice to do that, knowing that it's good news to be shared AND that it's fairtrade chocolate.

But let me be clear; as a Christian I put this chocolate egg issue WAY DOWN my list of things to be angry about.  After all...

The world doesn't end because of it.
God was around way before Easter eggs.
Jesus never ate an Easter egg. 
Hundreds of years of Christians never had Easter eggs.
Easter eggs are a commercial opportunity which has jumped on the Easter festival.

So what's higher up my list of things to fight for as a Christian?  What do I really care about this Easter?

- Poverty
- Social injustice
- War
- Terrorism
- Global warming
- Child abuse
- Lack of acceptance of each other and our beliefs
And much much more

As a Christian I celebrate Easter and it's nothing to do with the Easter eggs; it's all to do with the sacrifice Jesus made of himself for us all and the mission He gave us to fight against injustice and serve those more needy than ourselves.

And you know what?
Cadbury, through their foundation, do a fair amount of this; so let's focus on that rather than getting angry about chocolate.

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john adams said...

Some very good points made there. Aside from the issues you raise abut the true meaning of Easter, I can't ever recall the word Easter being on an EAster egg! #BrilliantBlogPosts

StyleDiaryByOsy Osehie said...

I am a Sunday school teacher and i was just teaching my kids about Easter last Sunday. Rather than be angry about Easter egg/chocolate we can focus on sending out the true meaning of Easter.
Nice piece.