Friday, 14 October 2016

An evening out with MS

This evening I'm going out.
And not just going out to a friend's house or a church meeting, but out out.

(Not quite this out out though:

Into London with the family to the see through sound concert raising money for RNIB.

This is a big deal.
A really big deal.
It involves a lot of different forms of transport
which all cause pain in different ways;
new places I don't know and so can't see in my mind;
decisions on the fly which are not easy with disability;
anxiety about how it will be
and excitement to be going.

We're staying overnight in London at a budget hotel which Rachel thinks this is an amazing treat.  But in reality it's because neither Mike or I think I'll have the energy to cope with getting home late in the evening. And besides, who doesn't love a cooked breakfast in the morning.
But even that will take a lot of energy.

In all, this trip will take a couple of days worth of energy, possibly even a week's worth.  It's not like it used to be, or like it is for most people is it?  But it's possible to do and it's worth it.

To pull this off, the whole week around today has been planned to the smallest detail.  And here, with the help of cat photos, is what today and tonight will look....

Stay in bed lying down until 11am

Keep my feet up until 2pm when we leave

Stay as calm as possible, allowing Mike to take control of the travel

Lie down at hotel for as long as possible before concert

Enjoy the concert without embarrassing Rachel

Sleep as late as possible tomorrow morning

Come home, possibly after finding some Pokemon, 
depending on how I feel and how sight, pain and fatigue are doing

Hopefully that'll mean fun for us all and I won't end up in a crazy mess.  
Time will tell. 
Watch this space.

Cat photos taken by Inge Wallumrod and used under Creative Commons License.

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