Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Blue Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday Too

I wrote this in January this year and just found it.
I'm not sure why I didn't post it here, 
perhaps it was a symptom of just how blue I was feeling.  

I’m sure you heard
This time last week
About the Monday
They call blue
A day of sadness
And deep despair
One day a year
When they all share
Just how it feels
When depressed

In January
The blue is bold
And light and dark
More like black
In fact
And heavy
Without tact

But it’s not OK
On any other day
To share the blue
It must be bright
Breezy and light
That’s what the world
Expects of me
You see
They can’t cope
And nor can I

Monday blue
Tuesday no new
Wednesday too
Thursday, phew
Friday it grew
Saturday flew
Sunday blue hew
Whole week long
What would you do?
I just stay blue

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