I don't know what made me look, but I realised today that my blog about infertility and miscarriages and Rachel's pregnancy is not working properly.  I also realised that the websites which I used for recording memories and photos through pregnancy and birth and her early years are at risk because I'm not updating them any more.  So I thought that I would move images which I really don't want to loose here.  Better safe than sorry.  And a wonderful trip down memory lane.

So here it is, Rachel from the very first positive pregnancy test or BFP.

December 2014

Still December 2014

and still December 2014
Bump Photos

1st Scan at 5 weeks
2nd Scan at 6 weeks
3rd scan at 9 weeks
heartbeat at 9 weeks - a huge point of relief

12 week scan

20 week scan

3d scan

Minutes Old and Safe in my Arms

Heading home from hospital

1st month
2nd month
3rd Month
4th Month

Christening 18/12/05
1st Christmas

5th Month
6th Month
This is such a great memory of the joy of a 10 month old knocking over a tower

1st Year
1st Birthday
2nd Year
2nd Birthday
3rd Birthday
First time meeting Mickey and Duckey gets to come along
First Minnie meet up, with duckies

First cruise, to the Bahamas
First Kilnsea Preschool Nativity

First kilnsea preschool sports day

4th Bithday Fun

1st carols round the crib
2nd Kilnsea Preschool Nativity

2009 Christmas
1st glasses

After 1st day at school

Year 1 class

1st school play

1st school sports day
1st day year 2
angel in 2nd carols round the crib
first swimming badge success

1st cheerleading show
1st time on big bike

1st time wanting to remember her brothers at wave of light

last ever time wearing an eye patch

1st instrument

1st time meeting Pooh Bear

3rd carols round the crib - Mary
1st tooth lost

6th birthday cake



At my Licensing 2011

At London 2012 olympics

Holding London 2012 Paralympic Torch

1st time to top of climbing wall

1st time on London Eye

1st time organising a charity event

At Ufton Court as an Elizabethan

Invested as a cub scout

1st time carry flag for cubs

1st double bass concert

School choir and orchestra

1st week long cub camp

Yr5 street dance competition

1st small group double bass day

1st church youth weekend

1st time driving a boat

8th birthday party

1st time narrating carols round the crib

blue peter silver badge

Queen's Scout silver award plus more

1st time confident on the ice

1st time placing in school sports day (year 5)

1st time in paper


1st time playing pool

9th birthday cake


10th Birthday

Year 6 friends (2015/16)

1st snowmen (2008)

crazy cousins

more crazy cousins

rare photo with grandparents 2014

Memories of Sid

Photos of Tommy 2015

Snowflake 2015

1st time photobombed by Dad (Florida 2015)

1st time dolphin watching

1st time dancing in the rain on a beach

more to come.....

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