Monday, 4 August 2014

Holiday Club Crafts #messychurch #children #kids #families

We've had a lot of fun the last two Mondays at Noah's Ark @St Nics Holiday Club.  As well as the usual toys, chat, coffee and cake there have been crafts for both the older and the younger kids (and the adults).

On the first Monday we thought about friendship with loom bands and button caterpillars and heart pictures.  This week we focused on how we can look after people and the world and made pet rocks and corks and button wind chimes for the garden.

Here are some simple how to guides:

Button caterpillars
- cut a length of elastic
- thread on buttons of a similar size
- put on one larger button for the face
- tie knots at both the ends of the elastic

Button wind chimes
- tie a fairly long piece of elastic or string to both ends of a stick
- cut three shorter lengths of elastic and knot one end of each
- thread five or six buttons onto each length of elastic
- tie these pieces of elastic onto the stick so that they hang down
- hang the wind chimes in a tree or on a chair or anywhere

Pet rocks and corks
- you can collect rocks in the garden or beach
- or you can do as I did - make rock shapes from clay
- I got craft corks cheaply but you could collect you own
- paint the rocks and cork any way you like
- paint on or stick on eyes
- give your pet a name

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