Tuesday, 14 October 2014

who is it? #poetry #god #cmsconversations

Who is it?
That you call God
Is He real?
Coz most say not
And if He is
What does He do?
Does he ever
Talk to you?
And if He does
Then what's He say?
Please answer me
Right away!

Is He good?
Does He care?
He can't stop war
How's that fair?
What about the poor
He can't stop drought
He watches floods
What's that about?
And then the bad
Does He stop them?
Do I need to
Ask again?

Tell me now
Just you to me
Who is God?
What can He be?
Please answer me
I long to know
Coz I look at you
And I know
That God is real
But I can't explain
Show Him to me
One more time again

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