Thursday, 2 October 2014

Nelson Mandela #nationalpoetry day #poetry

Today is national poetry day and I've been inspired by this photo and quote by Nelson Mandela.

Nelson Mandela
Fighter for freedom
Wanted equality
Across his Kingdom

Tried to make changes
With talk and debate
No one would join in
Wouldn't co-operate

Caught in a dead end
No choice but attack
He took radical action
Got caught in the act

Shut up in prison
A cell far too small
Housed young Mandela
Staring at just four walls

He could have grown bitter
With anger and grief
But the years never did that
He waited for release

Eventually it happened
The country saw sense
Mandela walked freely
But he wasn't against ...

The people who oppressed
Him and all his kin
Instead he worked with them
So change could begin

For decades Mandela
Has inspired us to be
Against any oppression
To act if it we see

Today we remember
The path that he took
Peace, talk then action
Can bring change afoot

(C) Emma Major Oct'14

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