Sunday, 2 November 2014

Plastic cup popper #messychurch #craft

Today at People, prayers and potatoes Messy Church we entered into the story of David and Goliath.  One of the most popular crafts was shooting a pom pom from a plastic cup popper and a "how to" has been requested.  Here's what we did.

You need:
- plastic cup 
- balloon 
- pair of scissors 
- pompom

Take the plastic cup and cut the bottom half off.  

Now you have the top half of the cup with the lip at the top and the whole at the bottom. 

Take the balloon and cut the whole neck off.

Now you have the round part of the  balloon.

Stretch the balloon over the lip of the plastic cup.  It's a little fiddly but just keep stretching the balloon little by little until it fits over. 

Now you have a balloon stretched over the cup so that if you pull it and let go it "pops".

Insert the pom pom and pop away.  Endress and safe popping fun.

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