Saturday, 1 November 2014

Sid the Cat; a life of love. #poetry

Sid chose me
That's the way it was
We went for a kitten
But he stole my heart
A two year old boy
All grown up large
He meowed from his cage
Then cuddled me fast

We took him back
To our brand new house
He made it a home
Often with mice
Or pigeons or frogs
He caught all he could
And he fought other cats
I'm afraid he would

One day on a walk
He followed us far
Into the woods and
Then a dog barked
Up a tree he flew
Twenty foot high
Wouldn't come down
Waited all the long night

No sleep did we get
We worried like mad
But in the morning
For food he came down
From them on
We would take him back home
Then run round the corner
So he wouldn't again roam

Always friendly
That was our Sid
Liked to meet guests
Even if they weren't keen
He'd look at them sweetly
And purr by their laps
My poor allergic friends
Felt like such saps

And as for kids
He loved them as well
He'd let them give strokes
Even pull on his tail
He never once meowed
Or showed any claw
Sid loved attention
Of that we are sure

When Rachel arrived
He loved her as well
No jealousy at all
She was his special girl
Each time she cried
He'd run up to me
Meow very loud
Wouldn't let me be

And when she crawled
He'd encourage her
By walking away
While she reached for fur
And then she walked
And he loved that as well
He'd stay by her side
Then meow if she fell

About four years ago
At age of thirteen
He slowed right down
Wasn't so keen
On going too far
Or climbing up trees
He preferred to sleep
On beds or stairs or chairs or knees or trampolines!

A cancer scare
Had us worried like mad
But they cut it out
It wasn't that bad
Sid hated the collar
Could shift it with ease
Even when we and the vet
Begged and plead.

One year ago
He vanished one day
We thought the worst
Couldn't stand the pain
But the posters worked
A phone call we received
Sid had wondered
Got lost through the trees

He'd found a house
And camped outside
The owners fed him
And he didn't leave
After a week
Of thinking he was gone
We went and got Sid
And brought him back home

This year he'd been
Cheeky beyond compare
Going in people's houses
He didn't care
He was confused
Or that was his excuse
He walked in the road
Pavements he'd refuse

But now it really
Is the end of the story
Sid met a car
Can you imagine my fury
He wouldn't be OK
And the vet advised
He found final sleep
So I cuddled him tight

No more will Sid
Be under my feet
The house will be quiet
No dinner he seeks
But memories stay
Fifteen years all good
Sid was one of a kind
The coolest cat dude.

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