Saturday, 12 December 2015

On the sofa #ms #fatigue #relapse

Yesterday I was on the buses
Now I'm all worn out
I used too many spoons I think
Going out and about

Today I'm on the sofa resting
Resting all day long
Praying the pain, weakness and spasms
Go back to where they're from


I can't find the words in poetry to go any further in this post so prose will now take over.

I woke up many times in the night with a stabbing burning sensation just below my left elbow.  I've never felt anything like it before, it was like a hot poker was against my skin.  It was still there in the morning accompanied by shakey left arm and pins and needles all over, including in my right arm which is new.

We decided to continue with our plans to go out for breakfast but within an hour I was dragging my foot and my balance had gone and I couldn't use my left arm at all. For the first time I had to ask Mike to cut up my food, a brand new low.

And then it got worse.

We were talking about car number plates (the things 10 year olds want to know) and suddenly I couldn't talk. Not at all.  I couldn't figure out how to get the words out of my head.  I could move my mouth and think but I couldn't actually talk.  And then I couldn't think properly, it was like a dream, or a nightmare.

It only lasted a few minutes and then I was back and could see how worried Mike and Rachel were.  So I pretended I'd been playing around, and I hope Rachel believed me, but Mike knew.

We came home as quickly as we could and I laid down on the sofa and that's where I've been ever since.  Resting.  And improving.  

Luckily Rachel had a street dance rehearsal most of the day so I could ring NHS 111 without her hearing. But they just told me to call my MS nurse if I have one (I should be so lucky) or wait to speak to my GP on Monday.

I'm hoping all this rest will help and ensure I've got as full a set of spoons for my birthday tomorrow as possible, only time will tell.


It's scary this MS business
I try make it light
To find the humour
But it's really scary
And we're in the dark
Alone, in the dark
Except where not
Thanks to God
And His people
That's you I'm talking about
Thank you xx

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