Sunday, 20 December 2015

The MS black hole #blind #ms

The MS black hole
It's multi faceted
It feels like a spiral
Have I collided?

First there's the pain
Coming from every angle
Then there's fatigue
Making me fragile

The vision loss
Is a literal hole
I now have the eyes
Of an elderly mole

The endless appointments
Are a spinning mess
Yet we're not moving forward
Is it some kind of test?

And as for options
I've not seen any
All because it's
A postcode lottery

The sensations are confusing
Coming thick and fast
Or replaced with numbness
That's the scariest part

My life is going
And I don't feel in control
But I'm learning through it
To hold onto the pole

I'll go where it goes
This MS black hole
There's light at the end
I know that in my soul

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