Sunday, 21 February 2016

#40acts #lent #micropoetry

These are the #40acts for the second week of Lent which I've been doing but not managing to blog about.  Here's a brief run down of what's happened.

I love food
I love people
Put the two together
But my diet is limited
And my sight depletes my skills
So I feed only my family
But invite friends round for take away
That counts, right?

Cupboard love
My house is full
Of loads of stuff
Most I love
But lots, not so much
So I followed the prompt
And started a clear out
But got distracted
By memories
And only managed
To donate a few things
To charity
And some to friends
It's a start

All ears
Aunt Emma
Agony aunt
It's got a ring
But that I'm not
However I
Am happy to listen
To anyone
About any problem
And this week
Much like all others
I've listened to friends
And also to brothers

Dirty cash
I don't earn
But what I have
I give away
To a charity or two
In fact to four
Three for kids
And just one more
For mental health
It's touched me so
And if I ever
Earn my keep
In monetary ways
I'll give some more
But until then
I give my time
30 hours a week
At last check
Does that count?
Government don't think so
But I think God
And that's my aim
So I went feel shame

Dial up
Ring ring
Are you there God
Ring ring
I'm calling for prayer
For my friends
And my relations
For my colleagues
And other stations
I'm praying through
My well drawn circles
Please be with them
Over all their hurdles

Spur on
I love to build people up
Hate to see them feel sad
But I don't like it back
It makes me feel weird

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