Sunday, 14 February 2016

Valentines vs Baptism

Today, at church
We celebrated a baptism 
Remembering God loves us
And how we are invited
To love Him
Love others
Love the world
Love ourselves


It was like a perfect mash up at church this morning.  There was love, lent and baptism all together.

We were reminded that we are invited to love God and to be His disciples, following in His guidance.

We thought about what it means to truly belong to God and what that means for what we love in life.  Material things are nothing compared to the gifts God gives us.  We need to learn to not give into temptation, as Jesus didn't.

And then, at the baptism, we renewed our faith and our commitment to receiving God's love and loving others.

Here are the intercessions I led with four of the kids:

Lord, we ask your blessing on xxx as he is baptised into your family through the gifts of your spirit.

Hold him in your arms
Bless him with your love
Shine your light on him
Always stay near to him


Lord, we ask your blessing on xxx parents and godparents in their new role for you.

Guide them to lead him
Quiet them to listen to him
Hold them as they comfort him
Encourage them as they show him that he is special in their eyes and in yours


Lord, we ask your blessing on us as we celebrate that we all belong to the family of Christ. 

Lift us when we are finding life heavy
Be close to us when we are lonely
Comfort us when we are worried
Fill our hearts when we feel empty


Lord, we ask your blessing on our world as we celebrate that you shine your light in every corner. 

Soothe those who seek conflict
Quiet those who spread hatred
Heal those who are in pain
Guide those who are lost


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